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  1. oo thx will look into it tomorrow when i woke up,.
  2. oo what is the recommand sizer for USB? i only get 16 GB around me can't find my lower ones aka 1-8 GB. can i get it lower then 16 gb and then it will read it? cuz my system see the usb but not reads it i can't use it.
  3. oo i see. i get a working system, and sadly i don't ahve any lower memory sticks atm. i need to get one. my main problem i guess now are that i can't shut down my pc it only reset's or black back the desktop if i try to stand by it. i can't get to dos-mode then it resets. ia hev had this problem ever seen i installed windows on it. i think i get all drivers installed as they should be.
  4. ok. then i will change back to sata then. its hard to know when you never have dealed with this this before, but i ahve one pation now at 125 GB and hide the other one. is this ok. are kinda tired to reinstall win98 i ahve already done that liek 5 times. i just wonna know what i do wrong.
  5. ok even if i get the partions right i still get my problem where i can't turn it off. if i try to put it to Stand By, it say something to fast to read, then the screen gos black and after 1-2 sec's its back on. so for the only way to turn it of at to let it reset but where it loads the bios or look for the thing i turn it of manuely there.... i ahve no idea why it are like this, i was like this ever seen i installed win98, i know someone of you said i should get 512MB stick i will see if i can get one and see if this problem still are here.
  6. ok. i get my size working, when i did was maybe worng, but fdisk was crap did not work at allf or me. this is the first time for me ever doingosmething like this its hard when u can do some mutch wrong. but what i did was i formated the disk and insatlled win98. then i had 250 gb. then i puted my disk on my win7 and used partionMagic to stip the diisk in the size i wanted, i hide the other half, now i have the right size atleast. maybe this is the worng way but it kinda worked for me, i only have 2 pcs and no floppy drive so i can't do mutch more then try... will see if this works out later on. and "cov3rt" i will try to look at the list one more time. but u missunderstood me. i can read what is offical and not and all of that, my problem was its like 100+ diffrenmt things. why did they not jag make the list and a setup file that you either choose what you need or are for fresh install. it should not be so hard to do, so what i meant was for me that need to have everything its so mutch so i dopn't even know where to start something like that, but better to start from 1998 and work my way up. will tell if i get any other problems.
  7. thx thats what i thought i will try to get the thing going but its hard as hell. will try to make a partion at 127 GB useing win7 install DVD and then use Fdisk to format and activate it. i will try and see if that works. i do hope so. i have learn alot^^
  8. oo nice. i think i get Fdisk to work some how today. atm i just wonna get everything to work and im ok to one partion i might can resize it later if i need to. i can't use more then 127 GB of 250 GB and i will probly build a XP build later on anyway and i have a win7 so i just wonna get a retro pc so thats why i try to stick to one OS^^ but i will think about it if i need later. thx, will see if i can get this to work.
  9. ok i will try. aww i don't even know what to download from thatc list why don't they have one link with it all in.....
  10. i tryd put the xFdisk on a FAT32 formated USB, but it seems my MB don't frecognase it and i can't get it up and running a usb on win98 my usb are like 16 GB i think they might be to big im not sure. and i saw now that this protection error is commeing even if i normely try to shut my pc down, it allways want to reset it. i don't know what can be wrong im not good with this stuff, sorry for being so bad at it all. i try to learn but it make no sence to me, maybe i have to new stuff even if i thought they where older. it also seems my DVD-ROM has some problerms it take really long time for it to read dvd's i sometimes need to eject it a few times. CDs no problems. other then that i think its working but well i get some weired Direct 3D error and i ahve installed 9.0c that worked before but the game was not in english hmm. can this have to do with my changesing the stuff from US to Sweden? and also get a standard problem for me are when it ask for the win98SE disc and i put it in i get that the disc i puted it was not the right one. not sure i might not happend if its in from the start are not fure need to try that one time. just trying to explain some of my problems i get it might help i don't know. its just harder then i thought i should be.^^
  11. i don't get top setp 3. i only get back to dir like d:\win98\ so i don't know whats going on. and i still don't get into ms dos mode on protection error plz reset the pc is what i get. but all drivers installed normaly. and it says win98SE on propotys. but when i go into nvidea panle i says win98 (A) so not sure if i get SE or not. i ahve no patches installed.
  12. i gat my OS reinstalled. Fdisk not working at all from the CD so still at 250 GB. and when i try to enter MS-Mode. i get protaction error. hmmm wonder why.if any know anything plz help me^^
  13. thx alot i will look into it. i sadly don't ahve any diskate station so i hope i can brun all stuff to a CD, then i can add all other stuff i need. but where can i find all the patches? and sorry for late replay i was away this weekend.
  14. hi all. i get a new pc yesterday and i installed windows 98 in it, all want fine after some problems, but now i get some more i hope you guys can help me out. here is the pc i get: Pentium 4 HT 3.0 / 1MB / 800 s478 SL7PMAsrock mobo P4I65GDelta 250W PSU2x1GB PC3200 400MHz @ = 2GB dual channel DDR250GB Seagate SATADVD-RW Optiarc AD-5170AnVidia GeForce FX6200 128MBC-Media AC'97 Audio m. FP-AudioRealtek RTL8139 100Mb Network3x PCI free slotCard Reader, 1x Printer Port2x SATA, 1xIDE, 80mm Chassis FanKeyboard and mouse connectors i have turned off hyper threadingand i only use one 1 GB ram ddr stick i don't get any lower atm, i will get later on. here is my problems: 1. i can't get my drive to lower then 250 i trys my a patirtion on win7 when in uninstalled that system but 98 wanted to remove it and did not give me a chans to set my own. 2. after i installed all driver and unofficel service pack 3.44 i even installed kernelEX and some games:now i can't get into MD-DOS mode nor can i turn of my PC even if i say shut down it only resets it self, allways when i press shout down it are on the reset tab even i try to anything else after it reset it still on the reset not the privisely option where it should be.i just realised it, so i thought it might be of any help. i ahve tryd uninstalling kernelEX still some problems. if i messed up anywhere play help,
  15. hmm i see, from my undersanding 1 GB are MAX for win98 SE. but if there is a problem with that i can allways take out the 512 mb stick or both 256 mb stick and i get down to 512 mb of ram, whits are my thoughts before. i willl see what i will do^^

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