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  1. English of Course, OSR 2.5 ENU, i Updated Bios to Official Update Release From A-Trend (1.33 03 ATC-1020), Few Bios Features and Same Problem, But If i Have RAM problems, i cannot play Lighting 3 F22 with 3Dfx and other older Games w/o Problems... I Tried Using USB Drivers from Windows 98 SE EN Distribution (Install From A Disc... Then Inf) But no Luck Too.. I Think Not All USB Mouses and PS/2 Work Properly with Old Hardware, Cause Port Speed (PS/2 or USB) is too Slow... By The Way, Before i Start Testing my Old Rig, Ive been Replaced all Older Cap's in PSU and on the Mobo to New
  2. OK, Why If i Connect any USB Flash Drive = Unknown Device and Then i get stable BSOD?! I Try Install HID Drivers from Windows 98 Distribution Setup = Driver has been installed, but not work properly (with USBSUPP or this XUSBSUPP) On Windows 98: USB Mice works fine, but Flash Drives not working On Windows ME: USB Mice and USB Flash Drives working fine. Conclusion: Windows 95 - not work properly with USB always My Full Specs: ATI Rage 3D II PCI + 3Dfx Voodoo2 (Magic 3D II 12 MB) ITE RAID ATA PCI with 80GB WD HDD ASUS CRW CD-RW 64MB SIMM+128MB SDRAM (how to?! View: )Pentium 200 MMX ATC 1020
  3. Well Well, i Have ATC-1020 i430VX Based MOBO + Pentium 200 MMX; When i Install This Software on Clean Win95 OSR2 (950C Build), System Works same as with USBSUPP: USB Mouse was detected as Unknown and oTher usb devices has not detected. Drop That "Tool" to Recycle! and Stop Spam Internet! Conclusion: Totally No USB Devices working with this Patch on Win95!
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