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  1. mkk

    SATA, RAID, ULi, XP x64

    Good to hear I'm not alone. Yeah we'll keep at it.
  2. I'm having a peculiar problem slipstreaming the ULi SATA drivers into a WinXP x64 installation disc. Having searched around I put my hopes to that someone here knows something about this. While the SATA drives can run in IDE mode, I'm running the motherboard controller in RAID mode wich requires the drivers presence during the WinXP x64 installation. Integration through nLite 1.0.1 goes through well with txtmode and I have the right drivers. I can even see the driver getting loaded during the early Windows installation routine on CD bootup. But when the selection of detected drives pops up all it displays is my trusty old IDE drive to install on. I've integrated other SATA drivers many times in the past to have seen a few failures, but nothing like this. (on the SATA interface there sits two striped drives as well as a third loner) Any chance there's generic problems with integrating x64 drivers through nLite? Or that the ULI SATA drivers just doesn't work 100% in RAID mode?
  3. I just like to say that I experienced the same thing as namby describes. Took a while to figure out what actually happened, but after fixing it by hand it's all cool. The MassStorage and LAN packages sure makes life easier.
  4. You could simply disable file protection altogether if you never want to bump into it. I've only had it work against me anyway.
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