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  1. I never realised 7zip was planning on becoming a File Manager! If it does, as you say, want to be a good file manager by managing the largest amount of file types as possible, hopefully it may become a competitor for UE and eventually replace it someday?! I personally have never come across many of the compressed file types often quoted in these and other programs. I use 7zip, very rarely, WinRar most and windows own zip for extraction only. UE is only ever used for extracting apps files to check portability and it has been invaluable. If it never gets updated again it would be a shame, but it's still good at what it does. One last thing if you don't mind me taking up your time, I use Gora's version, which has so far proven the best, but seems to have stopped development. Would it be better to switch to the above version SevenOptimus is working on? Is it an advancement on Gora's? I think it is actually carried on from the original isn't it? As mentioned above it is getting confusing what with all these different versions about as to which is the better. Than you for your time jaclaz Scott
  2. Thanks for your detailed reply jaclaz. Am I to understand that 7zip aims to replace UE to some extent? Should I stick with UE or 7z? I have grown 'attached' to UE due to it's simpliciity and the fact it works. One question though, when extracting certain *.exe's, I often get files with no extension, or it may be no file name, can't remember which, but the name or ext is rsrc or something similar. Do you know why UE gives out these strange files instead of the actual program files? When I next come across it I'll post the exact name/ext to elucidate what is happening. I've read several times the UE has never come across files it can't open/extract, but thta's not my experience. I think it's principally with Install Shield I had issues with, but there have been a few other filetypes that didn't work. I can't remember which as it was some time ago. Actually it was when I used the original and then LupoSuite's versions that I had this issue. Gora's has not once come up with this except when I tried looking for an Xbox360 emu. I tried two and both failed to extract and both were malware. Which probably explains it! Anyway, thanks for your reply, very informative Scott
  3. I've been using UniExtract for a few years now. When the original stopped being updated I found LupoSuite's version, which stalled, so I looked and somehow found Gora's. I was Impressed with the slighty enhanced GUI, though the drag n drop no longer worked, for me at least. However, I'm no expert in this field, but I thought the fact that Gora's version updated all components was fantastic and would like this to be added should you decide to carry on this great work. Incidentally, looking for other file extractors, I noticed PeaZip has a hefty number of formats under it's belt. It claims the ability to extract 150 formats. Does this better UniExtract? As PeaZip is maintained by PortableApps.com it would better suit me. I could try it out, but I just thought, as you seem to know a great deal about these processes of how extractors work and such that maybe you could give me your professional opinion please... Is UniExtract a 'special case' that stands alone in it's field? I'm surprised something as good as this has been left high and dry for the most part. Several dev's have taken it on only to abandon it. Is there any hope for this great app? I've found it invaluable for creating portable apps, it's far easier and less messy than installing every app and copying to a USB drive to check portability. Regards Scott

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