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  1. I found this to be helpful... http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/47149-what-about-program-files-x86/ I suppose I'll have to do further testing any way.
  2. Thanks for the Quick Response. I've already SEEN that. You are neglecting to read important information for this situation. DOES a newer version of nLITE support the changing of PROGRAM FILES folder path for XP64? The version I use and have used totally ignores any changes to this for XP64, or otherwise still creates the default folders "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" and/or creates the specified folders but the OS only uses the default. So, I ask again.... hopefully not in vain... does a newer version of nLite allow for the changing of the Program Files path for XP64 without incidence?
  3. Hi All. I have been using nLite version With this version, it cannot seem to customize the x86 or regular Programs Folder. Has anything with this changed in a later version? I use a dual boot XP32 and X64 installs. I have customized the Windows install directories to be... XP32/OS/ XP64/OS/ Also, TEMP folder and USERS have been subbed under their respective XP32/64 folders too (i.e. XP64/USERS/). Does anyone happen to know, from experience or otherwise, if newer versions can make it possible to also plant and rename the "Program Files" folder under a directory other than the root of the installation drive? So for example, I want to rename "PROGRAM FILES" to "TOOLS" and have the subsequent x86 folder appear as "TOOLS (x86)" and have this appear as a subfolder under the XP64 folder ("XP64/TOOLS/" -and- "XP64/TOOLS (x86)/"). Thanks your time in reading.
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