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  1. I have the same issue as what started this topic, ie; (msfn.org/board/topic/172439-what-to-do-after-installing-windows-98se/). However, my snag has not been addressed. After Win98SE setup, ver 4.10.2222A, The Terrible task of Updates! Wanting IE6.0, 2 of 3 diff sources give the same, 5 each, CRC errors. Also, IE6.0 touted by the link on this page is only a few hundred KB, which means it is a "Install by Web Connect", which I do not have web on my 98se. Wanting WMP 9.0, I find no workable D/L site to get it. Wanting DX9, Thte D/L I got from MDGX gives page faults. Trying to get Autopatche
  2. Running a AT, 700mghz, ~=500M Ram, 2HDs, main split_C&D, formated C: and ran Win98SE Setup from CD. Compared to the way it did look wit all Updates, This looks like Crap! But, whut now? No Internet to it! No MS updates auto selections and installing.... .......I'm looking over the Abyss! I thought I was saved when I found this site. But, D/L,ing the UnOfficial SESP21 and running it; Bam! I got two-in-a-row- Invalid Page Faults and Must Shutdown. Moreover, I got no record of what went in, what didn't and what stuck where! More viewing, I got a MalWare attack. I reported that. A question you
  3. My Win98, botched by SFC and me, sent me here as a new member. Can anyone help? The 98 has broken A drive and no internet. Boot-Up failing, only DOS prompt. Forgot where SFC stored its changes. Help!

    1. Tripredacus


      Make a thread in the Windows 9x section.

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