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  1. For those that had issues with Windows Update, I'm on Windows 8.1 x64, installed all possible updates, and did get that popup on startup. After uninstalling and reinstalling Aero Glass, I don't seem to be having an issue.
  2. What tells me it's worth it is how, surprisingly, it took forever for anyone to even get it to work. I don't know much about how it all worked/works, but I remember thinking back then someone will just copy data off the preview now that they announced Aero is over. Obviously it wasn't that simple, or we'd be inundated with alternatives by now. People probably tip a street performer banging on buckets more than bigmuscle's asking.
  3. I don't get it :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: Why are you in this thread all the time? I can assure you no one got here looking for your advice on sloppy lifehacker tutorials, or hot opinions about chipping in for a feature no one else even managed to implement for a couple years.
  4. Which has nothing to do with anything I said. I don't know if you tried the Windows 8 beta, but it actually had the Aero effects, which even underwent two or three redesigns in the development process, perfecting it. That was native as well, though they just axed it later. Well it looks great. Your "real" "aero" "glass" looks terrible.
  5. ace2 you shill, nobody got here searching for that awful transparent effect. I remember all those tutorials would say "It's the return of Aero!" and then turn out to be like your sorry excuse for a fix, make everything invisible. Yes that's really great and not visually distracting at all. Looking forward to more emotes from you xDDD
  6. I got my key and things look pretty great now. I was mystified an Aero patch wasn't out in Windows 8's first month. Windows 8 preview looked better than Windows 7, and here we finally are. Thank you for getting things done, bigmuscle! I still have not managed glowing titles in folders, it's the final unresolved issue on my end. Please look into it.
  7. Yeah for real, it took this long to restore the look of Windows 8 preview, which I thought was the best looking edition yet. I guess Microsoft had the effect really buried or something. I was so glad to finally see someone had done something. Before this I remember endless websites and blogs billing themselves as having Aero tutorials, when really it was that waste of time see through tweak.
  8. Thanks for tipping me off about ONE, Wolfshadow. I see glow is actually working for your directories dhjohns. Do you know if you did anything specific, or has it always worked?
  9. Here is a screenshot at least. I wouldn't mind the glow missing so much as the alignment jumping around every other directory. Thank you NoelC for the detailed description. So does everyone's text go out of alignment? EDIT: I just realized the file you have highlighted, and whether it pops up one of those tabs like 'Picture Tools' is the culprit. I don't think vanilla 8.1 bumps the title over though.
  10. Alright, thanks for the update. I just hope this is ready in a few weeks, I hate that I missed out! So one problem I'm having is that text glows in applications, but not for folders. There's also an issue with the folder title aligning about an inch to the right, then recentering depending on what directory I'm in. It's strange, and I hope there's a solution.
  11. I'm experiencing text not glowing sometimes, and as I navigate folder directories, titles tend to jump right some and then randomly center as I enter another directory. Is this normal?
  12. Are donations currently disabled? All I see is a message about "BerliOS changes". Will the website be back? I feel very lost trying to install the full version.
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