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  1. DOWNLOAD.CMD file

    Hi. Long time lurker. Not first time poster. I wanted to give something back to the forum for all the help it has been to me over the years of using XPCREATE. 90% or more of the work below is someone else's, and I don't even know who to give credit to except they posted in this forum. (I searched but did not find the original file). Anyway, this CMD file contains all the necessary information to download all the XP hotfixes from the May 2006 failsafe list into the proper folders using the download.exe file from the author below: File Downloader - Version 1.07 (build 49.2) Downloads a file from a HTTP or a FTP server. Copyright © 2004-2005, Noël Danjou <webmaster@noeld.com> I've added a .TXT extension so you can see the file in your text editor, but remove the .TXT and put it and DOWNLOAD.EXE in the XPCREATE folder. Simply run DOWNLOAD.CMD to start the process. I hope this helps someone who wants to download all the hotfixes quickly and easily, and if this annoys you then keep moving to the next topic. Thanks again for all the help and time saved with XPCREATE! download.cmd.txt
  2. Virtual PC problem

    RESOLVED! My problem was my CD drive (and I'll do more testing to be sure). I couldn't get any XPCreate install to work, they would always fail during the install at some point or another. I even downloaded a new ISO from Microsoft and burned it to two different CDs but no luck. I finally downloaded the CD files from Microsoft (not an ISO) and used them from the HD as the source and it worked! My assumption at this point is that burning the WindowsXP ISO to the CD to use as the source is where my problems are. I suspected the media but not the drive itself until three different CDs failed when used as the source for XPCreate. I have a DVD burner in the computer so I guess I can just get rid of the CD burner. One less piece to fail... Oh, wait... It did.
  3. "To initialize the XPCREATE environment"

    That's great! Glad to hear the directory creation is back on the table. I move around between computers and end up deleting the install because I don't know what's current anymore. My bad.