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  1. Thanks steven. Much appreciated for the reply. So, I am not integrating .NET and any other non-integrate updates/apps in the iso to avoid a failed installation (your option 3 suits better for us ). I shall get on with your instruction and see how it goes at my end.
  2. First, thank you for your valuable contribution. This would save millions of hours Secondly, with the above quote, I would like to ask few question if you would allow me. I was thinking of using RT seven lite to integrate these into W7 SP1 iso. By the way, I am new to this and had recently came across this idea of integrating updates :3 - Your update list and the one found in WUD website are same except that you have something more which the latter does not have. -Now, the thing is, there are security updates for IE 11 which are included in the Updates' list. If I don't integrate IE 11, w
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