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  1. Thanks ... the first seems more likely as it's for XP .... and I do half understand it! .... I may well have to live with things until I can do a proper re-install ... Was my error removing 'Start Menu-Remove Pinned Apps List from Start Panel', do you know? Next time I'd rather remove them manually and probably make fewer tweaks/mods rather than lose the ability to have them there.
  2. Hello, I'm really a Mac person, but for the last few years have had to look after/use several XP computers. Ordinarily I HATE all the hassle of doing a full re-install, which has happened TOO often and hate all the dross that Windows wants to put on my computer (not to mention the 300 updates needed). SO ... nLite was a great discovery and with the aid of ... 'HOWTO create a fully up to date XP x64 DVD (March 2014)', by Kurt Aust below, I've just created a custom install, which worked SO smoothly, I cannot say. HOWEVER, I made a few errors , I've lost 'Pin to Start menu', possibly because I chose 'Start Menu-Remove Pinned Apps List from Start Panel', ie I wanted to lose all the preset programs in Start, but still want to pin my own apps to the Start menu. Also (though probably unrelated) opening control panels seems to take AGES ... though one doesn't open control panels very often in use, one does need to open them often during set-up .... If ther were an answer to that I would be very happy. IF I prepare a new install disc with the modifications and run it as far as 'repair installation', will it correct my my missing bits/ errors? .... Or do I need to go back to square one and completely re-install? Or is there some other way I can tweak without re-installing? I'm attaching the nLite 'last Session'. LAST SESSION.INI
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