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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll try again when I get some stuff.
  2. Hi! I found a while ago an old NT4 cd. Now I'm trying to install it on my main pc, but the installation program crashes without bsod immediately after loading all the stuff to memory and then reboots. Some specs: CPU - Intel I5 3570k, Mobo - some Asus p8z77 with UEFI bios 8GB or 4GB of ram (neither works) USB mouse & keyboard Same results with another 3rd gen I5 pc with Gigabyte mobo and 8 gigs of ram Does anyone have idea of what might cause this? Thanks -Jalmari
  3. Oh. Well yeah, i should have been checked that... But thanks anyway
  4. Hi! I'm pretty new here, so i don't know if there's been topic about this. I have been thinking of modding windows 98, 98se or 95 to work on modern hardware and making an actual boot/installation disk for it. There's mods for 9x windows to run on 4gb of ram, clock speed over 2.1 ghz without a divide by zero and some more stuff already done. I'm not a great programmer, I just wanted to share the idea. Do you guys think this could work?

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