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  1. Thank you bphlpt and Yzowl for your very helpful inputs...
  2. To be honest, I was disappointed that with all the experts on here, nobody would offer any real help, so I just blew off this thread and went my merry way. But, since someone else asked, I won't just ignore them like I was, I will provide what I was able to learn, THE HARD WAY... (lucky I just happen to check back here on this thread) #1, using the link -X- I searched there for days and tried most of what I found there. The results, many of their add-ons don't work, and the ones that do have a ton of other add-ons included (non M$ add-ons). A number of people there had asked for add-ons that only included official clean patches, but they were always met with snide comments, ignored, or told to do it themselves. So much for that place being of any real help to anyone. #2, I searched Bing and Google for days and days, looking up everything I could find and testing things. Sure **** good thing I had the time and a machine to test on huh? I hit what felt like a zillion dead ends, people saying it can't be done, etc etc etc, a list of useless information too long to list here. In other words, it wasn't a total waste, I learned a zillion ways on how NOT to do it, and that in itself can be useful. #3, By sheer luck and refusal to give up, I found the answer. I have tried it and it works flawless.... Every time.... I am posting it here so that maybe it might save someone else some time, even though nobody seemed to want to help me... Who knows, maybe I just caught all the "experts" at the wrong time... The answer is here ----> http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/7696-addon-net-framework-11-20-30-35-gdrqfe-true-addons/ That will provide everything you need for all the .NET frameworks except 4. I no longer have the link (or I would give it), but 4 was also available at the same place from the same person, just in a different thread. I am sure it would not be too hard to locate. In any case, I now have a clean CD that has all the official patches from M$ for Win XP Pro (x86), and nothing else. When I use it to install, I can go to Windows update and it shows with NO updates needed, except the newest malicious software removal tool and a couple optional items I chose to leave out (The search assist thing, I forget what it is called). And, it passes all the test programs out there that are supposed to check your .NET framework. THEY WORK! Perfect for me.
  3. It could be a different thread there, but I think I looked there previously. Part of what I saw there I didn't understand what I was supposed to do, and secondarily, it did not sound like anyone was confident that it worked well. Opinion? Is there a way to have these three NET updates installed during XP install (like the runonce) without making the install an unattended install? Also, if there is, will it make any difference that the NET Framework 4 Client Profile update needs/needed to be installed all by itself (according to windows update)?
  4. Hi guys (and gals), I am new here and really need some help please. I am NOT a pro at this stuff, so dumb it down where you can please. With Microsoft dumping support for Windows XP soon, I have been trying to create a fully updated XP Pro x86 install CD. I am pretty close I think, but I need some help to get through the final hurdles. I have been using nLite and various addons as required. I started with a good clean Win XP Pro x86 English CD (I am in the USA). I have followed various tutorials and I am confident I have been able to integrate all the updates (including WMP11 and IE8) with the following exceptions; .NET Framework 1.1 .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 KB951847 .NET Framework 4 Client Profile KB982670 Or so Windows update shows when I check for updates after doing a clean install from my created CD. Oh yeah, it also shows the Malicious Software Removal tool, but that really is not an update, so I am ignoring that one. I have checked all over the place (including here) and it seems to be a mixed bag of information. Some people say you can't integrate the .NET Framework stuff and some people say you can. There are various tutorials telling how to include them in various ways, but most of which were not step by steps and I was unable to follow them. Microsoft is going to be dumping XP soon, so I need to get this figured out (I intend to keep using XP because it does what I need and I like it). Without making the CD an unattended install (I prefer a normal install), can those 3 updates/patches, and any new updates/patches they may open up, be incorporated? If so, what files do I need, where do I get them, and how do I do it please. Thank you in advance for your help...
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