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  1. Win 7 and Hard drive Drivers

    Thanks for the reply K-Mart I remember doing it before, however I cant remember how - it is a simple case of deleting a dll file, but cant remember which one!!
  2. Win 7 and Hard drive Drivers

    Ive made an image (WIM File) from one PC, then tried to install it on another with out sysprep. How can I suppress the reboot notification when it detect another HDD? It works properly anyway!
  3. Hi all, need help with installing my epson c44 during the install process. At the min i havent a clue where to start co it uses an installer i have never seen before - I have emailed epson about 3 weeks ago but surprise, surpise no feedback yet!! Anyone managed it yet? Paddy
  4. My Documents, Favorites

    Hi, I have My Documents in the root of D:\ and have moved Favourites to my backup folder. Then I made a reg file with the following [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders] "Favorites"="D:\\Backup\\Favorites" "Personal"="D:\\Paddys Documents" "My Pictures"="D:\\Paddys Documents\\My Pictures" In that reg key you will also recognise some othe folders - simply change as required., and export the regkey to a file. Hope this helps - Works for me!!
  5. Hi all, As a system administrator I build and tear down domains all the time. My question is if anyone out there knows a simple way of loging each user automaticly on to the exchange server and allocating that users mailbox to the username. I have done it in the past where we have had to wait for each user to logon - realize they need to set up the exchange server and phone the help desk for how to do it. This quickly clogs up the helpdesk. The mailbox names are always exactly the same as the user logon names. If anyone knows a reghack to alocate a default exchange server. We are useing Win NT4svr or win 2000 svr and Exchange 5.5
  6. Watcha, anyone us a quick and easy .exe maker? I would like to get into as a way of a quicker and easier way of installing programs such as smartripper and reshacker that just come as files you run. Something that we all know the silent install switches for. Cheers
  7. $Progs folder in Win2000

    Hi all, Found a work around. As I dont know yet about SFX archives and stuff like that this is the way I installed WinZip without the use of a $Progs folder. 1) Download the Corporate Ed of Winzip 9 2) Extract the exe 3) Move the files to 2kcd\$OEM$\$1\Install\Applications\Winzip\*.* Add this code to your start.cmd file. ECHO. echo Installing WinZip 9 MD %systemdrive%\"Program Files"\WinZip Copy %systemdrive%\install\Applications\Winzip\*.* %systemdrive%\"Program Files"\WinZip\*.* start /wait %systemdrive%\"Program Files"\winzip\winzip32.exe /noqp /autoinstall This might seem a bit long winded but it Worked a treat for me.
  8. $Progs folder in Win2000

    Cheers fella, I thought I was on top of all this unattended stuff but, by your answer I have a whole lot of reading to do!! I might need to get back to you!!!!
  9. Hi all - This is my first post on a fantastic website that has saved me loads of time and effort installing Windows. Most things can be draged straight from the guides into a win2k install with the exception of the $Progs folder. Is it just me that cant get it to work? Does anyone know a work around for it? The only program I tend to use it for is Winzip 9. Could it be the use of a different switch? Any help on this is appreciated Paddy100