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  1. txh HP advises service-buy CD Recovery and I need only 400 bytes mbr greg
  2. Your operating system (Windows 7 x86) is not supported on UEFI 2.3.1 hardware even in Legacy Mode. It does not work properly on that hardware. The most common issue is unable to boot where the first active partition DOES contain boot files but DOES NOT contain the OS. Are you certain that your HP actually does have a UEFI BIOS? I would find it strange that HP would sell a PC that isn't supported by Microsoft. quote from the English Wikipedia "In 2008, more x86-64 systems adopted UEFI. While many of these systems still allow booting only the BIOS-based OSes via the Compatibility Support Module (CSM) (thus not appearing to the user to be UEFI-based), other systems started to allow booting UEFI-based OSes. For example, IBM x3450 server, MSI motherboards with ClickBIOS, all HP EliteBook Notebook and Tablet PCs, newer HP Compaq Notebook PCs (e.g., 6730b, 6735b, etc.)."My laptop (produced in 2010) has UEFI ( EFI Insyde )1.x.x - disabled in the BIOS window -not GPT partition .Pressing F6 starts without turning on the windows 7 eg Quickweeb pressing F5 does not work QuicklookMbr is overwritten because it is incompatible with microsoft . greg
  3. cannot be understood, as well as: The MBR is a single sector, the first absolute sector of a disk or LBA0. Typically, if the HP came with Vista or 7, partitions will be aligned to "1 Mbyte", i.e. the first partition should start on sector LBA 2048 or CHS 0/32/33. It is possible (but UNlikely) that a copy of the original MBR has been made and saved in any of the "hidden sectors". Make a copy of the first 2048 sectors of the disk (by using dd or a similar program), compress it in a .zip or 7z archive and attach it to your next post. When you use an online translator, there are some tricks that you can use: 1. use SHORT sentences 2. use SIMPLEST possible grammar/sentence structure 3 .imagine that you are talking to a child 4. try using the same online translator to translate back to the original language the result of the translation 5. if the result is different from the original, try using some different terms/construction of sentence jaclaz cannot be understood, as well as: enclosed 2 files ; mbr sector_0 00h-1F0h - overwritten by windows mbrsector_32 original -after copying hdd ( hybrid mbr?) in sector 1,2,3, are all zeros (00h) the system starts up when you press F11 at startup Recovery does not start. application Recovery starts when you see the windows startup win7 (where are the other options) IHMO HP has an unusual MBR - in the first 400 bytes is probably a reference to sector 32 looking for first 400 bytes Mbr-I want to check my assumptions additionally attached bcd.txt out.7z
  4. Thank You for your response.So far, I made a copy of the old drive (50GB) for new (750GB). But I did fix the MBR, because windows is not turning it on and I lost access to the Recovery. I converted BCD and I set the path to recovery partition. Do not work as I would have liked. I have no access to the Bios F11 ("The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible"), but after getting to the start screen of Windows 7. Analyzing the mbr - sector zero was created mbr typical Microsoft's new signature drive and a new partition table in sector 32 HDD remainder of custom mbr. It seems to me that the initial 400 bytes of custom mbr (hybrid?) For my laptop HP Probook 4520s with Windows 7 32 bit equipped with UEFI Bios enough.At the moment I have normal access from win7 to all of the partition : 1.System ( 300MB)2.Windows 7 ( 448GB)3.Recovery (15GB)4.HP_Tools (2GB -FAT32) gregP.s. I use automatic translator so I do not know if everything is understandable
  5. Hi Help me. It broke my HDD, i bought a new. A laptop is no longer under warranty. But I can not copy 1 to 1 old drive. Steaker Win 7 Pro 32bit is unreadable. I am looking for a bootstrap ( 446 byte ) or a custom code mbr for hp probook 4520s. Not working F11-then I will be able to run. Partition Recovery is undamaged. P.s. sorry for my english
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