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  1. Hmmm, interesting. I have rarely seen this kind of fallacious argument , it is just like pretending that you won't - say - procure plutonium for your nuclear 3 kW genset because no other genset uses plutonium (which is obvious as all other small portable power generators use gas or diesel). If I don't want a product which uses plutonium, that's a decision I'm perfectly entitled to make... aren't i ?? You can't blame customers if you make your product undesirable (or too troublesome) to use. In Windows 8 I've used WindowBlinds very successfully (to produce an Aero-like effect). I don't remember needing to install anything out of the ordinary. I just installed the product and it worked. That should be the goal for all software.
  2. Thanks jaclaz. I decided against installing the Debug Symbols pack (basically because no other software has ever asked for it) so for the time being, I've uninstalled AeroGlass. I guess it's probably too soon for the devs to know when a final release will be ready but I'll keep checking back here periodically, in case there are any announcements.
  3. Thanks jaclaz. If I'm following your post correctly... am I right in thinking I've installed a Debug build of the software?? I wish the installer had made that a bit more obvious (cos I wouldn't have installed it!!)
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask a question about the (3rd party) AeroGlass utility for Windows - but if not, my apologies. I just installed Windows 10 and was disappointed to find that it doesn't offer Aero Glass (which was apparently available in the beta). So I downloaded this Aero Glass utility:- http://glass8.eu/download.html When I tried to run it (on Windows 64) it displayed a message saying:- "Aero Glass doesn't know how to hook into DWM on your system." And it then told me to download some modules from Microsoft and try again. I can't remember now whether it wanted language modules or some other kind of module. Anyone else had this problem..? [Edit...] I just re-checked and it's asking me to download the correct symbols package (whatever that is...)
  5. You need WindowBlinds too. That can access a huge range of free themes and they seem to be very customizable. You can alter all kinds of characteristics, including transparency (even for themes which don't particularly look like AeroGlass). At the moment, I'm using a theme called "Lantana" which I've customized to give me translucent window borders and a translucent taskbar. It looks fantastic.!
  6. Yeah, it's good that the situation's been clarified at last. Unfortunately, it came too late for me as I'd already signed up for a trial version of Stardock's ObjectDock. I have to confess, I can't find even the slightest fault with it - and for under $50 too, it's absolutely stunning!
  7. You are right. If you can't donate, you should not get Aero Glass at all. Hello bigmuscle. In the past I've defended you in this thread but your curt, unhelpful replies are starting to look extremely arrogant.! People are simply asking you to clarify the situation regarding AeroGlass and new users. Your web site gives the impression that you'll carry on supporting anyone who's already made a donation - but that new customers won't get any support / registration help / key codes etc - not even if they're willing to donate!! If that's the case, I, for one, will be removing AeroGlass from my PC. It's a good product but I'm sorry to say, it's not worth the hassle of having to deal with such an unhelpful developer.
  8. Hello bigmuscle. Can you clarify the situation regarding donations please? Because I think there's still a lot of confusion among new users. Currently, your web site suggests that a registration key can be supplied - BUT - only to customers who already registered with you in the past. To new users, this gives the impression that there's no point in donating because they still won't be given a registration key for getting rid of the popup etc. Is that a correct assessment of the situation?
  9. DonSextillo - I think you're being very unfair here. If BigMuscle was only interested in collecting money he'd have fixed the donation problem a long time ago. There must be something else that's holding this up. I've been a software developer for about 20 years. If you've ever developed software yourself, you'll know that, just occasionally, you get situations where everything looks right but the product doesn't work for some strange reason. Those are always the hardest problems to solve because there's no obvious reason for them. I suspect that BigMuscle's donation issue is one of these. BigMuscle - check out http://www.fastspring.com/ - it's a great service for developers who sell low value software in small quantities. They provide payment resources that you can add to your web site. Fastspring collects the payments and sends them to you twice a month. The only drawback is that they only send you the payments once they reach at least $25 - but that''s not an issue in most cases. I've used Fastspring for about 3 years now and I've never had a problem with them. [Edit...] I don't know if it's something at my end - but why are there random words in peoples' posts pointing to adverts??? I've never noticed that on any other forum. Note to MSFN administrators:- if this is a feature of your web forum, it's intensely irritating!!!
  10. Thanks Jaclaz, you were right on both counts. Copy & paste works fine if I use Safari as my browser - and (minor miracle) I've suddenly started to receive notifications this morning! Let's hope it lasts!
  11. Thanks guys. BTW, I seem to be having two recurring problems with this web site:- 1) No matter how I adjust my profile settings I cannot seem to get this site to send me an email when someone replies to one of my posts. I can see the various notification options (and I've tried adjusting them) but nothing seems to work. Notifications are clearly possible - and my email address seems to be correct - so what settings do I need for this to work? 2) When typing a reply or a new post, copy & paste doesn't work (i.e. paste doesn't work). I can type into the text box but pasting text just doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  12. Me too... The creator states on his web site "Do not ask how to remove popup or watermark. You cannot now." But it's unclear whether he means "You cannot now (temporarily)" or "You cannot now (permanently)".
  13. Sorry for being inattentive. This site isn't sending me notifications when someone responds to my post, so I had no idea there'd been any replies :-( Noel - thanks for the tip about removing that 2nd taskbar. Like you, I couldn't see much point in having a duplicated task bar on my other monitor but it's good to know it can be turned off. New question - I googled "Classic Shell" and I must admit, I like the look of it. Is it compatible with Aero Glass though? I'd hate to lose the Aero Glass effect, after spending such a long time trying to find a good implementation! [Edit...] I just visited the donation page and there's a notice saying that it's no longer possible to remove the popup and watermark (I assume, not even by donating). Is that true???
  14. [Edit...] Apologies. I just found a thread that's dedicated to Aero Glass 8.1 (where I should have posted this in the first place) but MSFN forum won't let me Copy & Paste from here into the other thread. Nor will it let me generate a hyperlink so I can link from the other thread. Maybe I don't have enough reputation or something. Anyway, sorry that this has ended up in the wrong thread... I downloaded Aero Glass for Windows 8.1. I like the general look and might be happy to donate - but.... 1) The donation page seems to be inactive. 2) Quite often I see an annoying popup which shows me a long numeric code and asks if I'd like to copy it to the clipboard. I've no idea what I'm supposed to do after copying it to the clipboard. Do I need to enter it somewhere?? 3) I believe that some other products (e.g. WindowBlinds) will allow me to revert my Start Menu back to the 'look & feel' of Windows 7. Is that possible with Aero Glass 8.1? Even after theming, Windows 8.1's Start Menu looks very ugly and it also needs to be launched from a right-click instead of the more traditional left-click. I find it all very irritating and I'd definitely pay for a product that gets it back to the old Win7 style. 4) I use dual monitors. I don't know if it's just an aberration with my particular system but with Windows 8.1, I see 2 x task bars (one on each monitor). It's always been like that, ever since I installed Win8.1 (i.e. it didn't just start happening after I installed Aero Glass). Does anyone know if there's a way to get back to only having 1 x task bar, like in all previous versions of Windows (and every other modern OS AFAIK) ?
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