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  1. Happens with any window, even those that do not have transparency (visual studio for example)
  2. Made a trace, after about 10 seconds you can see it stopped filling the vram and started filling the normal ram. I was resizing a firefox window. https://db.tt/CJfpGuBJ
  3. That's indeed the case here I do have the latest drivers as of now (344.75) and as you say it might simply just be a bug in the drivers, and not aeroglass.
  4. Hmm I see, must be the combination of aeroglass and some other program then. Thanks anyway.
  5. the dump https://db.tt/p6JriN1m (its about 4GB unpacked) and the log http://pastebin.com/BHB17GvY Thanks for the help by the way.
  6. At startup, yes. I've just tested it, I opened a firefox window and started resizing it and the VRAM usage went up to 3.2 GB (took about 5 seconds), after that it started filling the normal RAM.
  7. No, I used the installer you provided on your website and didn't modify anything. But this problem doesn't happen when I close aerohost and restart DWM though. And when I used 1.2.5 I didn't even notice the ram/vram usage of dwm, it was negligible.
  8. Hello guys After I upgraded from 1.2.5 to 1.3.1 (windows 8.1), I noticed a huge memory usage increase. At one moment I was using 14.3 GB of RAM and 2.9 GB of VRAM ( see http://puu.sh/dukv7/e1ea9ed180.png ). When I closed dwm.exe my RAM usage went down to 9.5 GB and VRAM usage to 767 MB (see http://puu.sh/dukLT/54de253f35.png ) It seems that when I resize a window it keeps on allocating more memory for DWM (which isn't visible in the windows task manager) in both the RAM and VRAM. Anyone with a similar problem? Here's a dump of dwm.exe at the moment it used a lot of ram https://db.tt/hqWEvkgL
  9. ok, will take a while to upload though. Edit: didn't think it would compress this well... It went down to 30 MB from 2GB lol. https://db.tt/hqWEvkgL
  10. At such resolution, it should take around 30 MB VRAM, but I'm not sure what nVidia surround is. If it is several displays where each one has 3240x1920 then you need to multiply standard memory usage by the number of displays. EDIT: when the VRAM usage goes high again, could you create minidump and upload it? I will check whether the resource manager does not allocate some unnecessary resources. Okay, will do. It's 3 1920*1080 monitors in portrait by the way Edit: a dump of aerohost or dwm? the dwm one is quite large (4GB) Also, it seems to allocate more vram each time I vertically resize a window. Here's the aerohost one: https://db.tt/nLU0YLOr
  11. I am not Start menu developer. No, it is not normal. How did you detect that? How do you know that this memory is allocated by Aero Glass itself? By looking how much vram is used in total, then closing aerohost and dwm so it doesn't re-launch and looking at the vram usage again. There was 2.57 GB of vram being used with only chrome and visual studio open, after closing aerohost and re-launching dwm it was only 672 MB. Using nvidia surround at 3240x1920 resolution, not sure if it's related to that.
  12. Is it normal that areoglass uses like 300 MB of VRAM (v1.3.1)? just noticed it on startup, and no programs where open yet. It kind of makes a differences in games that use a lot of VRAM so I have to disable it every time I want to play a game.
  13. Hello, I have a little problem with aeroglass. When using 1 monitor everything is fine and it works flawless, but when I plug in a secondary monitor it really doesn't perform well. See this video: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/er7xhghkmtdzet0/lag.mp4 and also take a look at the CPU usage. Also, when watching a stream on twitch for example, dwm.exe takes up to 10% cpu usage when I am not moving any windows. Are there any things I can do to fix this, or should I just disable aeroglass when using multiple monitors? I've already searched but didn't find anything useful.
  14. Blah, my fault. There seems to be forgotten code from debugging stage where holding F11 for a while generates minidump and restarts DWM. Simply create DWORD value CreateDebuggingThread in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM and set it to zero. Then restart DWM, I will fix it in next version. Allright, thanks!
  15. Hello, I've just made an account to report a little bug. Sometimes while debugging a program (for school, I'm still a noob in programming) and I press "next step" in the visual studio 2013 debugger(F10 or F11 key), aero glass crashes and recovers immediately. Not a big deal, but it generates those .dmp files which are quite large, the aeroglass folder is 12.5 GB already. Is there any way to disable this auto-generating of .dmp files? Here is one of the .dmp files: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z1xyohr6qbanmag/minidump-02-22-16-25-49.dmp Thanks for the great software by the way!

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