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  1. hey everyone i've read the msfn article, also searched google for more ideas.. and i'm sorry to say i've failed disabling the windows file protection unattended ! (((((( can anyone help ? thanks in advanced ! p.s - i'm using xp sp2
  2. whats up .. i've made myself a great unattended xpcd only flaw i've just noticed, the repair options is skipped, and it's very important for me.. is there any correction to the winnt.sif i can add which will resolve the situation ? btw - i'm talking about the repair function, and not the recovery console thanks in advanced !
  3. hey all, i've just upgraded to the sp2, and the only thing i cant figure out, is disabling that annoying wizard of the mediaplayer .. is there a way to tweak it so it will not connect to the internet, will not acuire liscenses, basicly i dont need anything that wizard has to offer .. thanks in advanced !
  4. hey, i managed to create a perfect unattended cd, but what does CMDLINES.TXT stand for ?
  5. hello, is there a way to take the values regshot detects and automaticly convert them to a .reg file ?? it will take toooo much time to do it manually
  6. i'm sorry for the ignorance, but as far as i know the $oem$ is being copied over to the hd, and usually files being executed by the runonce .. which is after the t-12 stage anyhow, i need the command for installing hebrew interface enabled, on a already installed xp .. thanks ! edit : a switch that will set the language for menus and dialogs ..
  7. ironman - basicly i dont like the hebrew mui, i find it buggy and a resource killer .. i install it only if the client requests a hebrew interface, otherwise i rather not use any 3rd party software and stick with what came along the xpcd what i would like to ask you is, maybe you know the command switch to install the mui unattended, with the interface on hebrew ? i couldnt figure it out thanks !
  8. hey, all .. after quite some time, finally i got the complete setup for xp to be hebrew enabled .. the setupmgr is useless and so does most of the help u'll find on the net .. (i've been digging daysssss) i hope this will be helpful - winnt.sif settings : and some regtweaks : thats all, have fun ..
  9. the input local is set and works fine i have hebrew installed and everything is ok, except the non unicode
  10. come on .. there must be someone here with a cure for me
  11. hey all, once more... today the problem is i cant figure out how to set the non unicode programs to hebrew .. the setupmgr does not create the proper line, and after many attempts with registry tweaks, altho it makes the change, it wount apply .. same as visual effects tweaks .. anyone knows the line to add in the winnt.sif that handles the non unicode ? thanks again, btw this forum is great, the only one i found really helpfull ..
  12. hey all i've downloaded sleep.exe, what i cant figure out is - where should i put it on the unattended cd in order the batch file will recognize it when i'll write start /wait sleep.exe thanks in advanced
  13. please help, maybe someone here know a better way to create a pause ? this is really the only thing keeping my cd from perfection thanks
  14. hey all, once again a stupid problem .. thie is the code : net use o: /delete /yes ping -n 1 -w 10000 > nul net use o: \\srv\RIS\Applications /user:guest@domain.loc echo Done, EXIT the ping thing wount work, it skips to the next line immidiatly, which causes the next map to fail .. i must have it on the same user .. anyone has an idea why the ping isnt working ? please save me ..
  15. problem solved .. in the winnt.sif theses are the lines setupmgr created me : [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=12,1 SystemLocale=00000409 UserLocale=0000040d InputLocale=0409:00000409 the last line is in charge on the inputs .. daahhh so i added " ,040d:0000040d " .. ( [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=12,1 SystemLocale=00000409 UserLocale=0000040d InputLocale=0409:00000409,040d:0000040d ) hoping this is helping someone ..

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