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  1. ok ill grab the debug log at the weekend as its not one of my computers its somebody elses. thanks
  2. @dhjohns yeah i know there are 2 different versions and i know about the symbols etc which sometimes cause problems.Since i have donated on both my laptop and pc symbols are automatic on other pcs and laptops i have run 2 scripts mentioned somewhere in another thread about this (aeroGlass.reg and symbols.cmd) that gets the symbols. it also did this problem before using those scripts which is the reason i used them in the first place Im not new to the forums and have asked this before but couldnt provide a debug log since the way i got around the problem was to uninstall and then reinstall the program. Now i do have a debug log which can be posted if necessary. Its happened on 3 computers now each running windows 8.1 and the correct version of glass. it happens after updates as i have mentioned.since these are all computers that have not donated and got the key im wondering whether mine is fine because of some automatic thing after updates due to having keys
  3. Hi I reported some weird bug about 2 months ago on somebody elses laptop with glass where when the laptop boots up theres a flashing error box dwm incompatible and no matter how much you click it it keeps reappearing. I had no debug log to post because my solution was to start in safe mode, uninstall and then reinstall when booted up properly again. Its happenned on a few laptops I have installed this on now, family members and friends etc. it seems to do it after an update has been installed for windows 8.1. My laptop and computer both have donation keys because ive paid for it and it never does it on those. also on my girlfriends laptop ive disabled updates because of some other error before i even installed glass and hers is fine as well. Any idea how to solve this? windows 8 looks so boring without glass. If a debug log is needed I should still be able to get one
  4. Ok thanks.will reinstalling have deleted those files from the non working installation though?also its not an issue for me as i have said but for my sister and also somebody elses computer who i dont have access to so when it breaks he cant use his laptop until he can give it to me to fix
  5. Thanks for the reply. How would i do that though?because the only way i could log in was to boot in safe mode which made glass not run then uninstall and boot normally without glass.then reinstall.would i just get a log of the reinstalled version?
  6. Hi aero glass is working awesomely on my comp,laptop and girlfriends laptop. Its been running smoothly on my sisters too however he other day on startup it just kept popping up with a dwm error box making it impossible to log in.i had to use safe mode uninstall and then restart normally and reinstall.then it started fine. Now another computer i have installed it on is doing the same. Any ideas? Also i saw in your first post something about having to have a small app always running so glass is injected automatically.when installing i just run the exe ans follow the instructions and thats it right? Thats all iv3 done on all the computers ive used it on Thanks
  7. Decided to just do a clean install of windows 8.1 as mine was previously 7 to 8 to 8.1 and there were a few things that i didnt care about like when i looked at the metro start (like once and that was it) not all apps were there even in the view all apps part and stuff like that and with bigmuscle saying there was a problem with it too i just decided to do it. Glass donation key works perfectly now and registry changes all take effect
  8. That's a myth. There's no measurable difference in either in the general case. -Noel It's not a myth... may be in depend on different process..., stableness i am not that sure win7 look more stable One thing for sure, boot speed is improved a lot No, it really hasn't. On my PC, without fast startup (which doesn't properly shutdown the system, writes at least half of your RAM to disk every shutdown and can cause all kinds of weird issues), an equally setup win8.1 installation has the same boot time as win7. Comparing fresh installations, win7 is leading by a couple of seconds, especially because shutting down via win+x didn't enter fast mode but fully shut down the system (fixed in latest rollup update, optional)As for stability... on win7 I have GPU driver crashes. On win8.1 I'm having sporadical "reference_by_pointer" crashes. Can't say which is more annoying. On my computer boot time is the same as win 7 however on my laptop it is way faster. weirdly the computer is better spec as well but boots slower. Although on my laptop i did a clean install and on the computer i upgraded 7 to 8 to 8.1 @BigMuscle how do i dump dwm.exe?
  9. @Mequa looks nice. Cheers for the advice but im happy with start8. Its not an exact win 7 look i want I like the start 8 look. I like the coloured unblurred transparency. Thats how Ive made my windows on the laptop too and what I want to work on the compiuter but none of the registry changes take effect on my computer.Im assuming its because the donation key isnt working.
  10. What does that mean? I used the same installation usb on both my computer and laptop and as ive said the laptop works fine? Could it be because I went from 7 to 8 to 8.1? On the laptop I just did a clean install. It does seems to have gone a bit weird on the metro start screen. I use start8 on the computer and laptop but on the computer if I go to the actual window 8 start screen some of the things are missing eg show desktop and a lot of my installed apps
  11. Yeah I did. Ive also tried regenerating the non working one multiple times, renaming to donation.key, licence.key just doesnt work. I dont get it. The only thing I can think of is that before i upgraded 7 to 8 then 8.1 i did dual boot it to 8.1 but thats been deleted and i also got rid of the boot entry for that os and it no longer shows up as a boot option
  12. Hi debug: [2014-02-02 22:29:33][0x1444:0xE54] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-02 22:29:33][0x1444:0xE54] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-02 22:29:33][0x1090:0x19E8] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-02 22:29:33][0x1090:0x19E8] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-02 22:29:33][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:35][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:54][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:56][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:56][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:57][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:57][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:57][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:57][0x1090:0xF80] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:29:58][0x1090:0xF80] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-02 22:31:55][0x1A4C:0x14B4] Donation key loaded[2014-02-02 22:31:55][0x1A4C:0x14B4] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-02 22:31:55][0xD70:0xAC4] Donation key loaded[2014-02-02 22:31:55][0xD70:0xAC4] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-02 22:31:56][0x1294:0xFF4] Donation key loaded[2014-02-02 22:31:56][0x1294:0xFF4] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-02 22:34:05][0x52C:0x530] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-02 22:34:15][0x52C:0x530] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-02 22:34:20][0x460:0x14CC] Donation key loaded[2014-02-02 22:34:20][0x460:0x14CC] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-02 22:39:50][0x460:0x14EC] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 22:45:22][0x1078:0x1340] Donation key loaded[2014-02-02 22:45:22][0x1078:0x1340] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-02 22:49:01][0x5C0:0x5C4] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-02 22:49:02][0x5C0:0x5C4] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-02 22:49:02][0x3D0:0x17E8] Donation key loaded[2014-02-02 22:49:02][0x3D0:0x17E8] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-02 22:54:32][0x3D0:0x7EC] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 23:00:06][0x3D0:0x7EC] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 23:05:40][0x3D0:0x7EC] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 23:11:18][0x3D0:0x7EC] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-02 23:11:21][0x3D0:0x7EC] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-03 18:28:22][0x1A88:0x1B38] Donation key loaded[2014-02-03 18:28:22][0x1A88:0x1B38] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-03 18:32:08][0x584:0x588] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-03 18:32:09][0x584:0x588] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-03 18:32:10][0x6DC:0x3C8] Donation key loaded[2014-02-03 18:32:10][0x6DC:0x3C8] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-03 18:37:40][0x6DC:0x3F0] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-03 18:43:12][0x6DC:0x3F0] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-03 18:43:16][0x6DC:0x3F0] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-04 19:33:36][0x5DC:0x59C] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-04 19:33:40][0x5DC:0x59C] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-04 19:33:40][0x418:0x52C] Donation key loaded[2014-02-04 19:33:40][0x418:0x52C] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-04 19:39:11][0x418:0x16C] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-04 19:39:16][0x418:0x16C] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-04 19:55:00][0xD6C:0x40C] Donation key loaded[2014-02-04 19:55:00][0xD6C:0x40C] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-04 20:00:30][0xD6C:0x13AC] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-04 20:21:20][0xD6C:0x13AC] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-04 20:21:31][0xD6C:0x13AC] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-10 15:03:38][0xCD8:0x4F0] Donation key loaded[2014-02-10 15:03:38][0xCD8:0x4F0] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-10 15:09:08][0xCD8:0x1CA4] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-10 17:52:31][0xCD8:0x1CA4] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-11 20:40:38][0x1F44:0x17A4] Donation key loaded[2014-02-11 20:40:38][0x1F44:0x17A4] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-11 20:46:08][0x1F44:0x1A20] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-11 20:46:11][0x1F44:0x1A20] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-12 18:42:41][0x730:0x734] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-12 18:42:41][0x730:0x734] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-12 18:42:43][0x4FC:0x1364] Donation key loaded[2014-02-12 18:42:43][0x4FC:0x1364] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-12 18:48:13][0x4FC:0x1380] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-12 20:19:36][0x4FC:0x1380] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-12 20:59:07][0x1010:0x1458] Donation key loaded[2014-02-12 20:59:07][0x1010:0x1458] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-12 21:04:37][0x1010:0x18A8] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-12 21:06:31][0x1010:0x18A8] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-13 12:36:05][0x7D0:0x7D4] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-13 12:36:05][0x7D0:0x7D4] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-13 12:36:06][0x7E4:0x838] Donation key loaded[2014-02-13 12:36:06][0x7E4:0x838] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-13 12:41:36][0x7E4:0x850] DWM incompatibility error 0xFFC[2014-02-13 12:41:50][0x7E4:0x850] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-13 14:10:32][0x1A4C:0x18FC] Donation key loaded[2014-02-13 14:10:32][0x1A4C:0x18FC] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-13 14:11:20][0x1B90:0x1880] Donation key loaded[2014-02-13 14:11:20][0x1B90:0x1880] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-13 14:21:27][0x1314:0x16D4] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-13 14:21:27][0x1314:0x16D4] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-13 14:21:27][0x1314:0x16D4] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-13 14:21:27][0x1180:0x16F0] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-13 14:21:27][0x1180:0x16F0] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-13 14:21:27][0x1180:0xA60] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-13 14:21:55][0x1180:0xA60] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-13 14:22:11][0x1180:0xA60] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-13 14:22:13][0x1180:0xA60] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-13 14:23:01][0x1104:0x12BC] Donation key loaded[2014-02-13 14:23:01][0x1104:0x12BC] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-13 14:23:46][0xC08:0x918] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-13 14:23:46][0xC08:0x918] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-13 14:23:47][0xC08:0x1558] DWM incompatibility error 0x800[2014-02-13 14:23:48][0xC08:0x1558] DWM incompatibility error 0x800[2014-02-13 14:23:50][0xC08:0x1558] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-17 22:36:29][0x734:0x738] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-17 22:36:30][0x734:0x738] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-17 22:36:31][0x734:0x738] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-17 22:36:33][0x4C8:0x84C] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-17 22:36:33][0x4C8:0x84C] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-17 22:36:33][0x4C8:0x858] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-17 22:36:40][0x4C8:0x858] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-17 22:36:41][0x4C8:0x858] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-17 22:36:41][0x4C8:0x858] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-17 22:36:41][0x4C8:0x858] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-17 22:36:42][0x4C8:0x858] DWM incompatibility error 0xDFC[2014-02-17 22:36:42][0x4C8:0x858] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-17 22:38:54][0xBC0:0xA84] Donation key loaded[2014-02-17 22:38:54][0xBC0:0xA84] Machine ID: GSN2IPLUW2GSQLELDFXDL4MHND7L3TCOR2LGHCZQKLF7OOVI[2014-02-17 22:43:25][0xBC0:0x5F8] DWM incompatibility error 0x5FC Method of injection I assume you mean I downloaded the latest win 8.1 exe file and ran that.same on both computer and laptop yet only the laptop works. Screenshot https://www.dropbox.com/s/fmy2c317nlscde8/Capture.PNG
  13. Still cant get the donation key working on my computer. It works fine on my laptop and i can do all the registry edits fine but on the computer i still have the dwm error you need symbols, the watermark and the popup even tho I have tried redownloading the key, renaming to donation restarting many times etc even uninstalled and reinstalled glass. I wouldnt mind if it was the free version but Ive donated to this twice now to support it so I kinda wanna know why its not working
  14. How do i stop the glass going off on laptop battery? Also my donation key still isnt working. Works on laptop not on computer. dont know why
  15. Ive tried both licence.key and donation.key with system restarts after each and it still doesnt work. I checked extensions just to be sure it wasnt something stupid but no thats not it either :/
  16. Ive tried both licence and donation.key but they dont work. I dont know why. I checke d it wasnt the extensions too
  17. @bigmuscle i have error 2 so obviously its not finding it. But ive left everything as standard, it installs to C:\AeroGlass which is where the key and all of the other files eg debug the aerohost glasssdwm etc are...also I have the license key in that same folder which works on my laptop but as stated I have other issues on there. It is supposed to be named "liscence.key"l isnt it? its still named as it was when i downloaded it
  18. @Ace2 thanks for the response again but i tried it and it didnt change anything. Im assuming its because my donation key isnt working? @bigmuscle Any idea why my key isnt working? Ive tried renaming to donation.key and leaving it as liscence.key and nothing. In fact donating has caused me nothing but problems. On my computer if i have the donation key in the folder it keeps popping up saying dwm not compatible even though glass is already working. The watermark and the other popup asking me to copy the machine code keep popping up and the transparency advice given by ace2 and an reg edits i try dont do anything. I also donated a second time for my laptop which as Ive said before the glass barely ever works. Itll be working fine one minute randomly and then the next it wont. If i restart or reinstall it doesnt change anything it just doesnt work
  19. Thanks for the theme help. I hadjnt noticed the warning about custom themes had been added. Still got a few issues.Donation twice and on my laptop the key works fine. I have no watermark and symbols downloaded however, it is hit and miss whether i have the transparency or not. even system restarts dont solve the problem. On my computer the key isnt working even after renaming to donation.key but the glass always works. Also the registry edits dont seem to do anything. I basically want no blur so its just literally coloured and semi transparent like the taskbar at the bottom but nothing i change makes any difference at all
  20. ok this is really weird. aero glass randomly stops every now and again.Ill log on and its just normal then randomly after a few system restarts or just whenever it decides itll start working again. Also i have a windows 7 looking theme from deviantart which works completely fine with glass when i dont have the liscence key in the folder. If i do have the liscence key it has no glass and the buttons like the close minimise maximise etc theyre not there but there are weird bits of the graphic in your theme just knocking about around the frame in no order. All this seems to only happen on my laptop. Its fine on my pc. It has stopped randomly before on my pc but nowhere near as bad as this. Another weird thing is i never have dwm process in the services.msc so its aas if that just isnt starting my debug log is as follows: [2014-01-31 21:19:08][0x1280:0x1284] Installing DWM hook...[2014-01-31 21:19:08][0x1280:0x1284] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-01-31 21:19:08][0x11F8:0x128C] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-01-31 21:19:08][0x11F8:0x128C] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-01-31 21:19:08][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:13][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:14][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:14][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:14][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:15][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:15][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:15][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:15][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:15][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:15][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:15][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:16][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:16][0x11F8:0x1290] DWM incompatibility error 0x481[2014-01-31 21:19:17][0x11F8:0x1290] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-01-31 21:21:09][0x1084:0x1080] Installing DWM hook...[2014-01-31 21:21:09][0x1084:0x1080] User: SYSTEM[2014-01-31 21:21:09][0x1084:0x1080] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-01-31 21:21:09][0x12A8:0x1098] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-01-31 21:21:09][0x12A8:0x1098] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-01-31 21:21:10][0x12A8:0x62C] DWM incompatibility error 0x81[2014-01-31 21:21:13][0x12A8:0x62C] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-01-31 21:25:43][0x1098:0x1028] Installing DWM hook...[2014-01-31 21:25:43][0x1098:0x1028] User: SYSTEM[2014-01-31 21:25:43][0x1098:0x1028] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-01-31 21:25:43][0xBF8:0x12EC] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-01-31 21:25:43][0xBF8:0x12EC] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-01-31 21:25:43][0xBF8:0x1310] DWM incompatibility error 0x81[2014-01-31 21:25:45][0xBF8:0x1310] DWM incompatibility error 0x81[2014-01-31 21:25:45][0xBF8:0x1310] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 14:46:15][0xF48:0x11DC] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 14:46:15][0xF48:0x11DC] User: Johnnie[2014-02-01 14:46:15][0xF48:0x11DC] Account error: 122[2014-02-01 14:56:42][0x610:0x614] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 14:56:46][0x610:0x614] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 14:56:47][0x610:0x614] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 14:56:52][0x710:0x514] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-01 14:56:52][0x710:0x514] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 14:56:53][0x710:0x4FC] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 15:00:50][0xB40:0xF90] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 15:00:50][0xB40:0xF90] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 15:00:50][0xB40:0xF90] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 15:00:50][0x4D4:0x888] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-01 15:00:50][0x4D4:0x888] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 15:00:51][0x4D4:0x294] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 15:07:06][0x480:0xAB8] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 15:07:06][0x480:0xAB8] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 15:07:06][0x480:0xAB8] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 15:07:06][0x13A0:0xA9C] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-01 15:07:06][0x13A0:0xA9C] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 15:07:06][0x13A0:0x113C] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 15:42:05][0xB4C:0xD94] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 15:42:05][0xB4C:0xD94] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 15:42:05][0x11BC:0x10D0] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-01 15:42:05][0x11BC:0x10D0] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 15:42:05][0x11BC:0xB3C] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 15:56:38][0x654:0x658] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 15:56:44][0x654:0x658] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 15:56:45][0x770:0xBA8] Donation key loaded[2014-02-01 15:56:45][0x770:0xBA8] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 16:01:05][0x119C:0x11A0] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 16:01:05][0x119C:0x11A0] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 16:01:05][0x119C:0x11A0] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 16:01:05][0x110C:0x11A4] Donation key loaded[2014-02-01 16:01:05][0x110C:0x11A4] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 16:03:20][0x10B8:0x1170] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 16:03:20][0x10B8:0x1170] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 16:03:20][0x10B8:0x1170] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 16:03:20][0x1008:0x10B4] Donation key loaded[2014-02-01 16:03:20][0x1008:0x10B4] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 16:03:56][0x11BC:0xF08] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 16:03:56][0x11BC:0xF08] User: Johnnie[2014-02-01 16:03:56][0x11BC:0xF08] Account error: 122[2014-02-01 16:07:29][0x60C:0x610] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 16:07:31][0x60C:0x610] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 16:07:31][0x60C:0x610] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 16:07:32][0x784:0x5EC] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-01 16:07:32][0x784:0x5EC] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 16:07:33][0x784:0x5E8] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 22:28:56][0x598:0x59C] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 22:29:02][0x598:0x59C] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 22:29:06][0x598:0x59C] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 22:29:07][0x350:0x798] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-01 22:29:07][0x350:0x798] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 22:29:08][0x350:0x678] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 22:35:35][0x480:0x418] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 22:35:35][0x480:0x418] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 22:35:35][0x480:0x418] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 22:35:35][0x610:0x524] Donation key not loaded (2)[2014-02-01 22:35:35][0x610:0x524] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 22:35:36][0x610:0x208] CSettingsManager not found, running in LIMITED MODE![2014-02-01 22:36:17][0x10E8:0xDEC] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 22:36:17][0x10E8:0xDEC] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 22:36:17][0x10E8:0xDEC] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 22:36:17][0x4D4:0x10D4] Donation key loaded[2014-02-01 22:36:17][0x4D4:0x10D4] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY[2014-02-01 22:38:12][0x670:0x674] Installing DWM hook...[2014-02-01 22:38:16][0x670:0x674] User: SYSTEM[2014-02-01 22:38:17][0x670:0x674] Module: C:\AeroGlass\dwmglass.dll[2014-02-01 22:38:21][0x778:0xF0C] Donation key loaded[2014-02-01 22:38:21][0x778:0xF0C] Machine ID: TCR5LVLNPUD6QLIPGNPVLVMIX4LL33AUA2L37ECA2LP3LJLY
  21. @Ace2 thanks for the help. Im not currently at my computer so will find out when i go back to uni. Did try to remote desktop it but for some reason dwm isnt in services and would require a system restart to restart dwm. I dont know why dwm doesnt show up half the time. Also an annoying thing is that the glass will be working and then sometimes just stop working. Ill restart or try reinstalling and it still doesnt work but then randomly itll work again. Any ideas?
  22. hi having a few issues. 1 I donated and received a key but when pasted into the aero glass folder and the dwm (and even entire computer) is restarted it still has the popup, watermark and the extras arent working. 2 How do I generate a second key for a second computer? I donated the amount required but when I put my postcode and email with the 2nd computers code it wont generate a new code and says email or postcode not recognised. 3 Is there a way to make the borders as transparent as the taskbar? as in coloured but with transparency and no blur? The only way I see is to use the registry but it hasnt worked for me so far even setting blurdeviation to 0 thanks ps other than that this project is amazing

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