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  1. Reading the notes on my installation CD I see that my copy of Windows XP has an integrated installation of SP1. Although the MS notes refer to problems of SP3, the actual problem does seem to revolve around the use of the /Integrate option. The MS notes seem to be saying that the problem doesn't occur with SP1 and SP2. Well, perhaps it does in the nLite world. I can see some complicated work happening here.. but I am running out of ideas. Does any one have experience in building an XP Professional with SP1 integrated and including some SATA drivers? That is all that I am trying to achieve, and yet my key doesn't work!
  2. Further to the above, I went back to build a disk with the SATA drivers and using the original XP installation disk, so no SP3 slipstream. I did not reformat the drive and during the install I got the same problem.. the key was not recognised. I shall reinstall with a format of the drive on the assumption that XP left some strange files around, to do with the key. Any pointers on this ... am I heading in the right direction? George
  3. Ah ... so this should mean that if I repeat my run but without SP3 then the key problem goes away. I can always add SP3 later. Thanks for that info and the reference George
  4. Hi, Having fought my way through the problem of adding SATA drivers to a machine with no floppy drive, I was congratulating myself on building an ISO image of Windows XP Professional with the extra drivers from Dell / Intel for SATA and SP3 slipstreamed in.. However, came the install all went well until I was asked for the Key. The Key that I had from the original XP Professional was typed in exactly and was rejected each time. I tried other keys with the same result. This is leaving me confused .. is this a problem in what I have done or have I missed a step somehow? Help please... anyone Best regards George

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