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  1. Replaced dll with the debug one, log appears and has only two these lines Add: my OS is russian, and account is called СИСТЕМА not SYSTEM. New dumps for aerohost, dwm & debug dwmglass.dll http://www74.zippyshare.com/v/66763927/file.html
  2. I checked the rights for c:\aeroglass folder. They were ok, but I manually added 'all' permissions to all users. Then I killed aerohost process in taskmanager, and opened install.bat from rc3 - aerohost launched, but nothing has changed. No debug is still created. But if I replace in the folder dwmglass.dll and aerohost with rc3 files and run install.bat - everything immediately works fine and debug begins to log. That's why I think this is not connected with write permissions... Here are the two dumps generated by the taskmanager for aerohost and dwm. Hope they'll help http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/27944963/file.html
  3. Checked, dwm is running and it is the child of winlogon The OS has the only account which has administrative rights. If I revert to rc3 and earlier, everything works correctly. I tried restoring old RC3 folder, then replaced DWMGlass.dll and aerohost.exe in it - same effect, not working and no log is created add: aerohost is running under SYSTEM account
  4. For me version 1.0 does not work at all. Tried some installation methods: - downloaded setup.exe v1.0, installed to default path, overwrited the rc3 files. The process works, but uses 700 kb of memory and there are no effects, no log is created: http://postimg.org/image/e6lqd8a8f/ The log of setup.exe contains nothing interesting... 2014-01-21 08:21:36.290 Log opened. (Time zone: UTC+02:00)2014-01-21 08:21:36.290 Setup version: Inno Setup version 5.5.4 (a)2014-01-21 08:21:36.290 Original Setup EXE: F:\setup.exe2014-01-21 08:21:36.290 Setup command line: /SL5="$60656,1655253,56832,F:\setup.exe" /SPAWNWND=$60674 /NOTIFYWND=$505E4 /log="log.txt"2014-01-21 08:21:36.290 Windows version: 6.3.9600 (NT platform: Yes)2014-01-21 08:21:36.290 64-bit Windows: Yes2014-01-21 08:21:36.290 Processor architecture: x642014-01-21 08:21:36.290 User privileges: Administrative2014-01-21 08:21:36.291 64-bit install mode: Yes2014-01-21 08:21:36.292 Created temporary directory: Z:\Temp\is-K0AHI.tmp2014-01-21 08:21:41.941 Starting the installation process.2014-01-21 08:21:41.942 Creating directory: C:\AeroGlass2014-01-21 08:21:41.943 Directory for uninstall files: C:\AeroGlass2014-01-21 08:21:41.943 Creating new uninstall log: C:\AeroGlass\unins000.dat2014-01-21 08:21:41.944 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:41.945 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\unins000.exe2014-01-21 08:21:41.945 Non-default bitness: 32-bit2014-01-21 08:21:41.946 Time stamp of our file: 2014-01-21 08:21:36.1332014-01-21 08:21:41.946 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:41.948 Uninstaller requires administrator: Yes2014-01-21 08:21:41.948 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:41.949 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:41.949 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\aerohost.exe2014-01-21 08:21:41.949 Time stamp of our file: 2014-01-19 16:03:30.0002014-01-21 08:21:41.949 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.066 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.066 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:42.067 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\dbghelp.dll2014-01-21 08:21:42.067 Time stamp of our file: 2012-07-26 12:44:08.0002014-01-21 08:21:42.067 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.165 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.165 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:42.165 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\DWMGlass.dll2014-01-21 08:21:42.166 Time stamp of our file: 2014-01-19 16:02:00.0002014-01-21 08:21:42.166 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.256 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.257 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:42.257 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\symsrv.dll2014-01-21 08:21:42.257 Time stamp of our file: 2012-07-26 12:44:08.0002014-01-21 08:21:42.257 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.265 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.265 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:42.266 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\symsrv.yes2014-01-21 08:21:42.266 Time stamp of our file: 2012-07-22 17:12:18.0002014-01-21 08:21:42.266 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.266 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.267 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:42.268 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\install.bat2014-01-21 08:21:42.268 Time stamp of our file: 2014-01-04 11:26:58.0002014-01-21 08:21:42.268 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.269 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.269 -- File entry --2014-01-21 08:21:42.270 Dest filename: C:\AeroGlass\win8cp.png2014-01-21 08:21:42.270 Time stamp of our file: 2013-10-19 21:57:48.0002014-01-21 08:21:42.270 Installing the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.279 Successfully installed the file.2014-01-21 08:21:42.282 Installation process succeeded.2014-01-21 08:21:42.286 -- Run entry --2014-01-21 08:21:42.286 Run as: Current user2014-01-21 08:21:42.286 Type: Exec2014-01-21 08:21:42.286 Filename: C:\AeroGlass\install.bat2014-01-21 08:21:42.565 Process exit code: 02014-01-21 08:21:42.565 Need to restart Windows? No2014-01-21 08:21:44.519 Deinitializing Setup.2014-01-21 08:21:44.523 Log closed.-deleted the rc3 folder, removed everything from registry, again executed setup - same effect. -removed everything and extracted files from 7z manually, added task to scheduler - same effect -installed setup.exe on a clean virtual machine with 8.1 - same effect. The process works, but probably loads nothing. PS donation key is present, symbols also
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