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  1. After making cd with Vlite, how can i execute wpi?

    Easiest way to accomplish that should be mounting the install.wim with imagex.exe. Changeinto \WINDOWS\SETUP in your mountpoint and create the directory "Scripts". Place a .cmd file there called setupcomplete.cmd and call WPI from there. Be careful with the old CD-ROM/DVD-ROM detection code that looks for WIN51IP though, accessing a none-existant device in Vista results in a error messagebox that halts the install process. I might have the workaround I used somewhere still. If I remember correctly I checked with the "vol" command if a drive-letter is a valid volume by processing the errorcode that vol returned... Or add WPI to a directory in the install.wim and thenn call it with %PROGRAMFILES%\WPI\WPI.EXE or something like that
  2. Hi! There is a bug when recompressing install.wim files with vLite. vLite extends the EditionID Flag (/FLAGS "EditionID" parameter for imagex.exe) of the resulting install.wim with the string "(vLite)" - which makes these files work for every deployment option except for making an unattended cd/dvd. If you want to use the install.wim with the setup on a DVD you have to adhere to some standards set by Microsoft vor the EditionID: For the moment I help myself with a hex-editor and changing the stuff back to what I need in the install.wim, but it get's tedious if you have to do it over and over again. Maybe you could implemt an option to make DVD-Installer compatible files in the next version. Thanks!