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  1. BM. Yep, I can confirm adding read access for the "Users" group does indeed fix the problem. Thanks!
  2. I tried un-registering then registering again. Didn't help. None of the Modern App would open.
  3. I have the same problem as Locutus2002 after the 1.5.2 update on a Windows 10 system. None of the modern apps would open.
  4. Already saw a glitch with 1.4 when getting ready to log into my Win 8.1 workstation. When the lock screen slides up, it ends up all broken up. This was after logging off only. I'm going to reboot the whole system just to be sure it's not a transient issue. Edit: It does it after bootup as well. The logon prompt background seems to jump in reducing stages of transparency as I type, as does the blue screen between logon and the actual desktop. But all the problems seem to be limited to the logon process. Everything on the desktop seems to be working okay. I can live with this. Note that I am using the March 8 UxThemeSignatureBypass DLLs. debug.log: -Noel I also have the same issue on my Windows 8.1 machine. - Liang
  5. That would be true, yes, after of course disabling the automatic theme coloration by Windows. FYI, (like Liangkung on the previous page) I couldn't get version 1.3 to accept my donation.key on my main workstation (running Win 8.1 x64), so I've reverted back to 1.2.5. -Noel Thanks BM. The watermark issue on my Windows 8.1 machine I reported earlier is now fixed with version 1.3.1. - Liang
  6. Hi, BM: Just updated from 1.25 to 1.3 on a Win8.1 machine and got a popup window saying this is the freeware version and the desktop watermark. Is this the intended behavior? If this is intended then you might wanna mention that in the change log or FAQ. Thanks, - Liang

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