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  1. After using 8.1 for a while and encountering a few issues I've just gone back to 8 (fresh install). I use the option "use small taskbar buttons", and the top of the start button sticks out above the taskbar (using the white win8 logo option, also applies to others though). Ticking "resize to fit taskbar" and reimporting the icons seems to have no effect. I've tried resizing them myself in Gimp, but the end result is pretty ugly no matter which downsampling option I use. On 8.1, the icon is nice and compact. Is there a fix for this? EDIT: One of the icons from here was suitable: http://warrenclyde.deviantart.com/art/Windows-8-Metro-Orbs-320240575 Also, can we please have the advanced context menu present in 8.1? I can't find the option in 8.

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