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  1. Many, many thanks JFX for your Tool :-) Thx for fixing cmdlines bug.... 1) even if not supported , setup from WDS i386 Folder works well ;-) , we need to copy setupldr.bin into the source folder :-) a pity that there is no Intention to modify selected .sif file and replace variables in it with real values..however it can be managed by Notepad or some automated postprocessing;-) 1) & 2) i had to use diskpart to prepare the disk, (i guess the reason of failed setup was the default partition alignment applied by bootice)
  2. Happy new year, @JFX i would like to use your tool:-) and have some questions, hints, wishes and a bug report. maybe some of them can be fixed or become supported features;-) 1) my first try was to use winntsetup within winpe 3.0, nothing special i have some preconfigured OS'es powerd by RIS/WDS server and i decided to install from selected source a new winxp/sp3/vl-OS. B) 2) my second try was to let winntsetup install an untouched winxp/sp3/vl-OS however i guess case 1) is unsupported, but my attempt 2) also failed. after reboot, the error message "Error loading operating system" is displayed. the disk seems to be OK (MBR/PTB/NTFS-Partion craeted by bootice, NT5.x bootcode), because im able to install into same partition when processing another methods. (in winntsetup i see MBR/NTLDR PBR/BOOT FLAG all OK) i will try a real machine;-) maybe vmplayer 5.0.3 doesnt work.... case 1) When using WDS, there is a special folder 'templates' within the i386 folder. it contains a set of .sif files. **wish** the .sif files looks like: [data] floppyless = "1" msdosinitiated = "1" UnattendedInstall = "Yes" OriSrc = \\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%\%MACHINETYPE% OriTyp = "4" LocalSourceOnCD = 1 [setupData] OsLoadOptions = "/noguiboot /fastdetect" SetupSourceDevice = "\Device\LanmanRedirector\%SERVERNAME%\RemInst\%INSTALLPATH%" .. of cource OriSrc/SetupSourceDevice are unusable. there are some variables (fixed and user-defined) like %ORGNAME%,%MACHINENAME%,%MACHINEDOMAIN%,%IP% is it possible to create a set of variables (%ORGNAME%...), let the user define them and replace values in the selected .sif file? it is possible to fix or delete OriSrc, SetupSourceDevice? **hint** winntsetup creates always a $oem$ folder (tweaks), even if no tweak is selected. **bug report** in case of an existing cmdlines.txt, for example [Commands] "%systemdrive%\$Setup$\setupcomplete.cmd" winntsetup inserts an extra line , but destroys the original one (ystemdrive%\$Setup$\setupcomplete.cmd"). ------- is there a way to hide the gui part "Windows 2000/XP/2003" or "Windows Vista/7/8/2008/2012" respectively? Thanks JFK
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