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  1. For the best nLite-ing experience please casually read through this FAQ as these are the most common issues people have with nLite: Personal suggestion from Kelsenellenelvian: If you are having issues with Windows after using nLite and have come to ask for help, please attach (not paste) your Last Session.ini file to your post to facilitate quicker assistance. When posting the last_session.ini file send the one from the root of your processed OS disk folder or the one on the ISO that you have created, Also the last session file with the "U" on it can contain personal information and should not be shared... The most important thing to remember with nLite is that you really should not run nLite multiple times on a single source. Slipstreaming a service pack with nLite in Windows Vista\7 is a no go. If you do the key will not be recognizable. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/950722 (Boils down to pidgen.dll file differences) Using nLite to modify a 64-bit image while running under a 32-bit environment will for the most part fail. (32-bit OS's don't have the capability of handling 64-bit files properly) As AV and anti-malware applications constantly scan files as they are being accessed you may see a rather large slowdown when nLite is doing its work. Some people have reported cab extraction errors also due to this. If you are having these issues try temporarily disabling malware and antivirus protections as they may conflict with nLite's processing. The latest (and most likely last) Service Packs for the nLite supported OS's are: Windows 2K - SP4 - http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=4127 (Unofficial SP5 = http://www.softpedia...icial-SP5.shtml ) &\or ( http://majorgeeks.co...l_SP_d4817.html ) Windows XP 32bit - SP3 - http://www.microsoft...ails.aspx?id=24 Windows XP 64bit - SP2 - http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=17791 Windows XP MCE - SP2 - http://www.microsoft...ails.aspx?id=28 (nLite will combine the 2 MCE Cd's into 1 disk) Windows XP MCE 2005 - Already SP2! (Yes you can SP3 it but only properly on a running installation.) Windows 2003 - SP2 - http://www.microsoft...ails.aspx?id=41 Windows 2003 64bit - SP2 - http://www.microsoft...s.aspx?id=10018 XP & Service pack integration fact: See post #2 for greater details. You can & it is a fine idea as it will be a cleaner slipstream go straight from a "Vanilla", "Gold" or "SP0" XP straight to SP3. The main confusion is that MS says SP1a is "required" for SP3 they are talking about a running system. i.e. If you install a XP SP0 on a computer you cannot go directly to SP3 you have to install SP1a first. There are many ways to update your disks. These are the most suggested ways: Find your OS at the forum here: http://www.ryanvm.ne...85b26083b461484 and then get the latest update pack for it.For windows XP go here if you want a more interactive approach: http://xdot.tk/updates.htmlFor WMP11 only this seems to be a great addition: http://www.msfn.org/...ation-solution/ The 2 biggest issues we have here are the fact that allot of people want to use nLite in a business setting. As we see here: LICENSE AGREEMENT: Your use of nLite is governed by the following conditions. Please read this information carefully before using nLite. By using it you are agreeing to the following conditions: nLite is freeware and can be freely used for any personal non-commercial purposes, subject to the following restrictions.nLite can only be distributed electronically through the official host www.nliteos.com.nLite is supplied "as-is". The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of nLite.Import Restrictions. International users also check any import restrictions that your government may impose. Reread eula.txt in your Windows\System32 folder.nLite is free for personal use only, you cannot use it for any company or business purposes at this time.MCDBNET2.dll is registered to the nLite author with the royalty-free license and can be distributed only bundled with nLite.nLite is a copyrighted material of Dino Nuhagic aka nuhi. You may not decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer this product. You may not include the parts of nLite in your software without the author's permission. You may not alter or modify nLite in any way or create a new installer for it. This is forbidden in the license that you agreed to when you install it. At this point in time arguing this is not going to get you anywhere. nLite website FAQ: There is also a FAQ over at the nLite website for you to check if you need more information = http://www.nliteos.com/faq.html Also No warez! Any ISO's of these OS's that were not downloaded from MSDN or TECHNET are illegal! I will update this as much as is needed to add.

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