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  1. I'm currently using 1.2.1 on 8.1 Update without a theme atlas or custom theme (I like the standard 8.1 theme... with transparency!) and I absolutely love it. Good work as always BM!
  2. Hmmmm, glow effect isn't working for Windows Explorer, but works for other program windows. Any suggestions?
  3. Read the bottom of the donate page where it says You can get 2 keys per each 3€ you donate to unlock advanced features such as automatic symbols downloading, remove donation notification or remove desktop watermark. If you look closely, that's not a dollar sign - it's the Euro sign so you have to do the currency conversion... €3.00 = $4.18 (currently). Basically you have to donate at least $4.18 to get two keys - I don't think you can donate half to just get one.

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