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  1. Thank so much. That winsetup file did the trick. Been struggling with this project to get Xp on this hp netbook for a while. Even with the sata drivers integrated into the install image, nothing worked. Tried Rufus, poweriso, wintoflash, and then found winsetupfromusb. Great support here...thanks again
  2. yes I did all that... twice now iwith different xp iso's... I still can find only find one instance of the set fira and map entries... attached is the winsetup.lst winsetup.txt
  3. Thx for the help. Did all your steps (only found one instance of fira and map lines) Tried install again. With dual floppies I get the following resp With single... starts install..select partition then...I get the request for floppy
  4. Just do today so I have the latest 1.0... Single or double... Can't see the driver as screen blanks out too fast... I am seeing my hard disk with partitions so all seems well to that point... I select partition... Setup starts... Then I get the prompt for floppy... I did not press f6 so I don't know why...
  5. Trying to put XP on hp mini 311 netbook ..choosing option 1 or 2...at least sata drive is recognized which is further than I got before... I choose the partition...all seems well...setup is starting... Then I am prompted to "insert the disk labeled dpms chennel etc...press enter or f3 to quit...pressing enter does nothing... I don't know why it's prompting for the drivers when they obviously were detected in the first step... I'm lost
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