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  1. Never had the watermark appearing in any game, but I might not be on the same dev build tho'.
  2. I guess it is the same problem as with the Win8.1 login screen - all solid-color surfaces are currently initialized as glass region to be sure that the glass effect works even when DWM is not compatible. Race condition? Like I said, dev builds didn't do this afaik.
  3. Maybe you can modify reflection a bit to make it look more similar, might be worth a try. I too think the reflection is a bit sharp in Windows 8 and 10.
  4. I tested some more and like I mentioned in the dev thread, it now applies custom reflection before the user login so the secondary screen looks very weird (black with the reflection image tiled), it disappears when the user logs in. And it also applies reflection on the taskbar, but disappears after a short time too. Dev versions had no such problems. Unfortunately I can't capture a screenshot because it happes prelogin. I'll try to take a of the taskbar.
  5. Hmmm noticed something when I restarted with 1.4 installed. It applied the custom reflection for a short time on the secondary screen when logging in... and also on the taskbar. Never saw the dev versions do that.
  6. Well... Microsoft should hire bigmuscle. Thanks for 1.4.
  7. The "spooky" Aero Glass watermark under the start menu and action center seems to be fixed. I don't see it anymore. Firefox 43.0a1 Nightly is not being handled by Aero Glass properly, the entire window border is grey instead of transparent, it's been like this for a while. I checked in Windows 7 and it's not grey when using that but maybe it's a Windows 10 thing, the developer theme actually looks better in Windows 10 then Windows 7 (reminds me a bit of Edge). Btw, I saw (a bit late) that Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10525 is out, haven't tried it tho'. Anyone know if Aero Glass works with that?
  8. You have to use AppInit_DLLs ... see the posts above but only include modernframe.dll, not dwmglass.dll.
  9. Yes, I see it when I expand the Action Center, the watermark should be under the buttons, instead it's above them and magnified. (it's also visbile on the start menu)
  10. I hide the dwm.exe window and the modernframes one simply by creating another desktop, and moving them to it. Out of sight, out of mind! Good tip, then it's not actually hidden by any 3rd party app. It just sits on another Windows 10 virtual desktop.
  11. You can't hide dwm.exe window easily, it's possible but not intended, do you really think BM left the window on the desktop for you to remove it? But of course, if you think Aero Glass stable and you manage to hide it, good for you I guess.
  12. Please try to keep this thread to Aero Glass. General opinions about the Windows 10 UI does not belong here, just makes the thread diificult to follow.
  13. How does appinit work when used with modernframe, does it inject modernframe into every single process?

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