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  1. This thread seems forgotten, but I got the same problem as Naesstrom has (or had), the missing tbs.dll. that dialog pops up serveral times during the first phase of vista installation. Closing all dialog, installation continue and succeed. However, it's pain for unattended installation, so solution helps. < Conditions > vLite Version: 1.2 Vista Edition: Vista Home Basic Language Settings: Japanese Other: look at Last Session.ini Please test the case with the attached preset if you had time to spare. Thanx. Last_Session.ini
  2. Try reTune. http://retune.sourceforge.net/ This is console based program, but works. And it runs from your ipod, so you don't have to have pc with special software installed. It handles album art too it says. I use this to transfer my mp3s to iPod. - Copy mp3s to iPod, run reTune. done. nice isnt it. enjoy
  3. Thanks for the Great work. I've been trying to make it work on my Japanese Win98se. I just want to report that finally, I got it work! Yes!! The trick is that after installing Maximus Decim's patch, I replaced user.exe and user32.dll in system directory with Japanese WinME (4.90.3000) files. (with manually updated ie6sp1 and xpsp2 tricks by MDGx. I don't know how these affect above system files, though.) Interface is still English, but it works perfect.
  4. Installing English Windows XP in Japanese Computer is no problem I used to install and use English WinXP in my VAIO FX. ( simply because I hated OS in Japanese Language ) You can install Japanese 106 keyboard driver as well. Only problem with WinXP is its complexity. More than 128MB ram is required to get comfortable speed in WinXP. goot luck
  5. I've had an experience to install SP2 in Japanese 98 environment. You might find Windows 98 setup files in Options directory under c:\windows. So, boot up the comupter in DOS and launch Setup.exe in above directory to install win98 again. In my experience, do not install "Hot fixes" and "USB Driver" of SP2. It makes Japanese Windows 98 unbootable.
  6. I'm looking forward to a new release of Windows ME service pack I used to use Linux for OS studying and Windows XP for backup OS on my laptop. However, I recently installed bundled Windows ME with recorver CD. It's just because installing Windows with recover CD is the fastest way to get windows OS on my VAIO laptop and I'm kinda bored with the XP interface. I know ME is the most unstable OS ever from Microsoft and I have hated it. but some bundled function accomplished by Sony is great (ie: Active Desktop with function to change wallpaper according to current season.) . So,, I'm currently playing with Active Desktop in Windows ME and studying JAVA Script. Anyway, I always look for new things and different things, and unofficial Windows ME /98 servicepack is my current head topic. Thank you for your all effort on Service packs and bringing us a new and good things.
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