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  1. Jack and the who now? and carls whaaa? :blink:

    think this will have to go with none :}

    artificial sweeteners (Aspartame / Phenylalanine) OR Sugar?

    If you pick artificial sweeteners read up on them on google :):rolleyes:



  2. Used it a few times, i did "cat" and soemhow it came out as LARD :| don't want to know how that happend LOL. It's prety cool normaly though very nice A.I.



  3. Thanks for the reply :)


    The drive is a Western Digital

    The drive is NTFS Running Windows XP

    I used partition magic to create (i think this may be a bad move now)

    It's a IDE interface, and everything seems to be ok.

    The master / slave pins are all correct.

    if so are the drivers correct?
    I'm not sure what this question means :huh:
    Try replacing the cable?

    This is a good idea, i wasn't thinking in this area at all. (could it also maybe be a bent pin etc?)

    The partitions where created from deleting the old ones via partition magic and creating (no format ) new ones.

    Was there a easy solution to the problems with the dirves you had?



  4. Ok so my hard drive is a 160 GB , partitioned in to :



    (the bigger the drive the bigger the overhead :rolleyes: )

    Now my drive keeps getting corruption all over it, I will save a file and then a few days later it wont be able to be read, I will capture a TV show, a few days later the 30mins show will only register as 3mins long :( it has happened many times before.

    I know that it is not a virus or a heat issue now. I also have been told that using partition magic may have been the cause as files are being copied to other drives etc.

    When i used to have it as master is would not boot now and then with a "no operation system installed" and the partition would vanish!

    On proforming a CHKDSK /F on the drive/partiton i would get errors like "Deleting orphan file $FILENAME.TXT " and it would do this for the whoel drive, after this it would scroll the screen with "recovering file $FILENAME.TXT" etc and scroll the screen with the whole drive.

    I'm have tried everything, there is no bad sectors (from a scan) but could there be any other physical errors? Both partitions seem to have these errors that’s why I thought maybe it was a "illegal" partition size or something.

    Please guys and girls! Any help would be very appreciated



  5. I'm out now :( think i posted on too many boards / friends demand lol.


    I joined MSFN exactly one month before my birthday.

    wow thats amazing! :w00t: so do you have a time machine or something? J/k i'm only playing ;):P



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