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  1. hmmm only about a month late(my bad actually its two and a few days.....), but here it is:


    the current progress that i achieved on microwinx o so long ago, this pack "should" work with win2k and 2k3 and might have a chance on 64bit but i cannot be sure to be honest

    i have never tested this pack myself, so if any problems come up just yell about them here or in the microwinx forums

    this pack still has the passwords on the archives, so far as my belief they do not hinder anyone from accessing the data in the install archives, just make it a little harder, i do not intend to remove them since i have heard gdogg is creating a totally new source

    but if he/people think this base still has life in it then i may consider rebuilding it in a more streamlined fashion

    i do :) i would love to start a MicrowinX cd :)

  2. get it from here : http://www.secretashell.com/codomain/peid/...94-20060510.zip

    you should delete the copy you have, as AVG will hide it from windows API now anyway.

    Some times anti-virus will pick up on application like this, its normally nothing and is jsut annoying, but i just scanned my PEiD and it's not getting picked up by AVG, so i guess you might be using an infected version.

    another tool i use to detect packers gets picked up by AVG as it used a stealth way to load the exe to get around some of the packers out there.




  3. Will all the users have access to the same shared drive?

    if so then although there is potential for a access lock, you could creat a file each time on the shared drive (hidden) then increments?

    the file could be renamed on a docuemnt opening , and using the "FileSystemOBject" you could check if a file exists , giving the user a message telling them that another user is currently using the form?

    not the best solution but i hope it helps :)



  4. Take a look at Options.(so in a vba app type the words OPTIONS and then FULL STOP under the AUTOOPEN and AUTONEW macros) then set the default path to your network drive, then when a user saves / saves as it will coem up with the correct folder / drive.

    does that make sence?



  5. Right lets get started :)

    set your borders to 2cm , to give you more room

    insert a table (under table properties uncheck resize to fit)

    make the table borders = none

    goto Table>Show gridlines on the menu

    check the paragraph marker (backwards P)

    select your rows of the table , right click and select table properties, under Rows make the hight 0.6cm and "exact size"

    Then go to View>Toolbars and select forms

    copy and paste the bits of your document that you created in to the new one using a Cell of the table for each bit of text. (if you have a lot of text then select the row, right click >Table properties>row and select at least in stead on exact s the row size)

    Now where you want to have a input field for the user to type, select the cell and press the ab| button on the form menu

    you can mess around with alignment of the cells etc if you want/need.

    After you have designed your form, goto Tools>protect document> and select the Forms Radio button.

    This is the basics but it should give you a starting point :)



  6. save the document as a template, insert bookmarks in to the places that you need replacing, then you can either make a button on the tool bar that will link to a macro to basically goto each bookmark and replace the selection, or set the macro to common events such as print / save / exit etc .

    i can write the macro for you if you need to .



  7. Here is one solution for you, (not ideal)

    insert>object>create from file , uncheck "link to file" if it is checked and check insert as icon,

    This is insert the picture so users can double click and open the picture in the default editior.



  8. Hi,

    I dont really understand your question, so maybe you could try explaining it in another way?

    But i would look up on section breaks / page numbers in section, also look in to "first page has differnet header" and also VBA(if you like programmnig:)) .



  9. I created a document a long while back in word with numerous hyperlinks in it. But since then one of the hyperlinks has changed and I have to go through the whole document and find all the hyperlinks with this address and change them all. Is there was way to do a Find and Replace for the hperlink itsself without doing them one at a time? I know you can do it with text in the document but can you do the same thing with the hyperlink?

    Yup it shouldn't be too hard to code it in VBA .

    For Each hLink In Documents(1).Hyperlinks   ' where documents(1) is your docuement
    If InStr(hLink.Address, "YOURHYPERLINK") <> 0 Then
    hLink.address = "NEW HYPERLNIK"
    End If
    Next hLink

    Hope this helps :)



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