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  1. For some time now I've had the problem that every now and then, clicking the start menu button brought up the Win8.1 start screen, rather than the start menu provided by startisback. Today I've finally managed to track down what causes this - it seems that when the charms bar is invoked on the desktop, it activates the built-in start menu in Windows 8.1. This can be reproduced by doing the following: Click the Start Menu button, then in the menu select the "Connect to" option which will bring up the connectivity charms. Now click the start menu button again (you need to hit the lower left corner of the screen) You'll notice a different button background and the button is slightly larger (because the native button just is like that) and then instead of bringing up the start menu, it goes to the start screen. Click anywhere else after the charms bar has disappeared, and things are fine. Of course I have the lower left hot corner disabled, but it also happens if all hot corners are disabled. This happens even on the latest 1.5.1 version as well as previous versions.
  2. which configurator? Scaling of the orb is off... it gets too large in the first two (even goes beyond the bounds of the taskbar), and too small in the 200% scaling one - as compared to how it looks on my other machine running at native resolution without any custom scaling:
  3. It seems StartIsBack+ has some scaling issues on HiDP displays. I have a 13" Samsung Ultrabook sporting a 3200x1800 display. If I run the display at quarter resolution, the start menu looks pretty much okay, except that the scaling of the start menu icon doesn't happen properly: If I up the resolution to Full HD and set scaling to 125% (that's how the machine shipped), it looks pretty much the same But if I run things at native resolution with 200% scaling factor, the start menu button image is too small, and the menu proportions are off This is running release 1.0.1.

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