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  1. Can you make this, but with the windows being the same colour with taskbar?If you remove all the colours from the colorization panel the window is kinda whiteish..Though the taskbar is clear glass!Can you make the same with windows?And maybe keep the colour in min,max,close buttons!Or remove that too, i am just sayin.. You mean like this? (I had this done for a while now. The white tints have been toned down to keep it towards the original Consumer Preview, but the Window frames are that of Windows 7. (((Credit to eggi36 and MrGRiM01 for the original themes and patches))) I want try with the taskbar the same color where is the files?
  2. DoubleSAnimations:Do you know how to change the themeAtlas? I would try to do some available and I do not know how.
  3. MrGRiM:I wanted to ask you .. the other day when I restarted my computer after it was impossible to get your theme does not work. It still does not work, why?
  4. Right.. it worked on my vmware because I had installed UxStyle for a long time and I do not remember. Is work now thanks for this theme! and my question about the blue?
  5. Thanks man i love this theme. I have a question it is possible to add a bit of blue and red like windows 7? Like this picture: EDIT: Is not working the theme! On my computer with windows 8.1 and with all the windows updates it does not work because no difference after applying. With my vmware with windows 8.1 and no windows update installed it works .. Here the problem! The theme need update.
  6. I love it too.. were you able to get it?
  7. it looks great, the theme is ready? you have windows 8 it will work for 8.1?
  8. Ok, Let me know is your get the theme! Strange .. your theme is not written that it is compatible with 8.1 ..
  9. I have try but after that Windows tells me that it's files are already in use. I figured it out. You may have to have the "explorer.exe" not running while using the Task Manager to replace the RibbionUI or If you're dual booting Windows on your main computer. Go to the other operating system and replace the Ribbion Files there. I also found out there is RibbionUI Files in the SysWOW64 folder. Which can only be used by the SysWOW64 folder from the Consumer Preview. However, I believe this could somehow conflict with installing or updating Modern Apps via Windows Store, I am not sure. If you ever use a task that requires "sfc /scannow" via elevated command prompt. The process will switch the Ribbon files back to their original ones. Is there a way to go IN to the Ribbion DLL files to replace only the images contained within the Ribbon, without completely changing the UI DLL file itself. http://www.sendspace.com/file/wmb1f0 < This is the Consumer Preview Ribbon for System32 and SysWOW64 This image tutorial may not be much, I hope someone can make a better description of this than me XD. A Work-in-Progress theme for Windows 8 / 8.1. "Seven8" Based from Mr.Grim's "Vista8ModernMix" theme. Great I'll try this today , So this is the theme? and not only ribbon? but the taskbar I want to keep it as default.
  10. That theme are you using currently on this screenshot. Yes this theme how to porting it from the preview? Okay good idea to take a few tricks of the theme of grim's! Let me know,
  11. Okay, I thought you wanted to porting the theme full .. so this is not possible?
  12. So .. how can I do? can you make a screenshot to see what it gives you.
  13. I had the same problem my second monitor is my TV not work great with this mod. No matter that this is the beta 1 or 2, I have uninstall aero glass for now and it works well. Waiting for new version!
  14. I have try but after that Windows tells me that it's files are already in use.

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