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  1. I'd trust him, he seems totally legit. I've tried with and without secureboot. Doesn't make any difference, only effects the DLL method, which is why I'm using the Aerohost method. And yes, I've generated a specific code for my Surface 2 Pro.
  2. Doesn't help at all. I've verified that all users have full control privileges on the folder, and Read Only is off. Still nothing works. It's bizarre, because it works flawlessly on my desktop, but absolutely refuses to take my license key on my Surface 2 Pro. I've tried everything. I really don't know what else to try.
  3. Still haven't been able to get the program to accept my donation key. I've tried everything I can think of, all the suggestions I've been given etc, but it just returns Error 5. It works 100% perfectly on my desktop, but flatly refuses to work on my Surface 2 Pro using the Aerohost method. Any suggestions?
  4. I'm having this same issue. I've tried everything I can think of, generating new keys, forcing 'Read Only' off, forcing Aerohost.exe to run as admin etc but no matter what I try it won't take my license key.
  5. Read-Only is off on all files. I've also specified aerohost.exe to run as Admin, but that hasn't helped. My Windows account has admin privs. It's also worth noting that the theme loads, but I don't get any transparency. Symbols have been downloaded. Secure Boot is off.
  6. Heya, My copy is rejecting my license key. I've grabbed it directly from the donate page using my machine code as copied to the clipboard, but it still brings up the message about donation and the watermark is still present. Any ideas? Debug.log shows the following. I've tried to re-generate a new license key a few times with no luck. I only have 2 machines using Aero Glass so the license keys shouldn't all be used up. [2014-01-22 17:45:50][0x4AC:0x4B0] Installing DWM hook...[2014-01-22 17:45:50][0x4AC:0x4B0] Module: C:\Aero\dwmglass.dll[2014-01-22 17:45:50][0x340:0xB64] Donation key not loaded (5)[2014-01-22 17:45:50][0x340:0xB64] Machine ID: MSG4GELVFFDMVL3THU5CLMBFXZ2LQ5YBN2LI3LRYFLPYL4CI
  7. It's not the same in the BETA for 8.1, he will add that feature back later but for now you need to rename it to ThemeAtlas.png and put it in the AeroGlass folder. Awesome, works now. Cheers for that!
  8. Hi guys, I'm having trouble getting the custom theme resource to work. I create a string value under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM and HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM named CustomThemeResource with the contents 'C:\Aero\win8cp.png' but it doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  9. Hey guys. Got it up and running, works great so far, but this window comes up every boot and I can't dismiss it. Have I done something wrong somewhere or is this normal? Any way to get rid of it? Thanks

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