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  1. @Tihiy So...you haven't really commented on if you plan to continue SIB if/when Microsoft releases their "new" Start Menu. I was wondering if you plan to continue developing this even after they make their attempt? Have you seen any of the new code for the supposed new Start Menu they say they are going to release in that this would still be a viable option? I'm sure there are many of us who would definitely still choose SIB over the "Modern Start Menu" look. I for one would definitely still support this to continue.
  2. So far so good! No more black screen after install. The only new thing I noticed is that if I hover too close to the lower left corner of the screen and the button enlarges it brings me to the Start Screen as indicated in the notes above. To me that's an annoyance but I can tolerate it if that was the intent. Thanks again for continuing to put out a great product! Hopefully with your new job this project doesn't get abandoned! As an IT professional I highly recommend your product to others over the other products.
  3. Any reason why the DWM bug would still linger after a complete uninstall of SIB? I did leave the settings and license info. After a some number of reboots after the beta 1 install and removal it occationally is now doing this still. I'll watch it over the next few days but just giving you a heads up Tihiy. Thanks again!
  4. Yup same here. 1.6 beta 0 didn't have this issue. I am running the Update 1. (Windows 8.1 Pro U1 32bit). If this is a known bug I will wait to try to update others. Will this be resolved before the final version? You mention there will not be many changes. Just curious if I'm going to have to tell my clients not to update if they are prompted.
  5. Has anyone had experience with this and the newly release Windows 8.1 Update 1? Just curious if there are bugs or proceedures on how to install it or should it be uninstalled first then reinstalled?
  6. Not so much a bug (or maybe it is), but when comparing pc to pc with Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1 and Startisback 2.1.2 vs Startisback+ 1.0. With autohide enabled for the taskbar and right clicking the Start Button in Windows 8.1 with SIB+ 1.0 the taskbar still autohides while I'm attempting to go to properties if I move the mouse away from the corner to click on properties. In WIndows 8 with SIB 2.1.2 it does not do this while autohide is enabled and in the process of clicking on properties. Just an observation really.
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