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  1. No sadly, mine has entries for the entire 7800 line, 7900 as well which I also tried. To keep myself occupied while I consider the options I'm converting the box into a nice 2005 era XP build.
  2. If you *can* get a W98se floppy boot disk you could try copying the Win install files to one of your other PCs, hook the project drive to the host machine, transfer the install files to a non C: partition on the project drive, return the project drive to the build in progress, boot off the floppy, navigate to where the install files are and run setup.
  3. Update: No luck with the HP 350929-001 board either, though it was far less 'balky' and showed much initial promise. Still, it locked up at the W98 splash screen, or at a black screen/flashing cursor after critical re-boots to fully initialize the pci-e card. Like the others it boots to Safe Mode, seems okay, then fails. I feel like I may be missing a critical fix, or a special step in the operation. Is there a proven W98se motherboard/pci-e 256mb gpu combo out there?
  4. Hi all - first post on the forum. Recently I've been attempting to run W98se on older pci-e based motherboards with the objective of getting a 7800gtx/256mb running - ideally a 7900gtx - to play late W98 era/post Glide games that benefit from extra ram/gpu but that don't always play nice under XP/W7, even with fixes and patches - games like USAF. For W98se I install the fixes/performance tweaks [only] from Unofficial SP 2.1 and SP 3 final, add nusb33e, and the modded nV 8269 drivers. I'm sticking with 512mb system ram until I can get gpu issues sorted. So far I've tested 2 VIA/socket 775 based boards: MSI P4M900M2-L and a Biostar P4M890-M7-TE - both have W98se chipset drivers so I was hopeful. W98se runs, but no matter what I've tried I run up against a wall with pci-e. The 7800gtx gets recognized [needed to install drivers via Device Manager], but will only run in VGA mode or Windows will hang on reboot after the splash screen. On deck is salvaged HP dc7100 workstation motherboard [#3509929-001]. It has an Intel 915G/P/GV chipset, which from the MSFN W9x hardware sticky seems to be okay, and I downloaded W98se drivers from the HP site. Anyone have experience with this board? I'll be assembling/testing over the weekend and will post results. And more generally what tips do people have to wrangle pci-e slot setups into working under W98se - they seem to be plagued with trouble but i read scattered reports of success...

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