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  1. i guess that solved the problem thanks for the great job you are doing
  2. i am using the version that i asked here, http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/120444-how-to-install-windows-from-usb-winsetupfromusb-with-gui/?p=1049812, page 81. X:\windows\winpresetup.log and inf\setupapi.app.log - no such files. The others are here files.zip The thing is that this is not like a error, maybe it shouldn't write in logs, it is more like a prompt to install the required drivers
  3. i tried, unfortunately setup doesn't write anything in that file. He is remaining empty after cancelling setup. I never used USB 3.0 , just 2.0. Tried another computer, and virtual machine , the result is the same. The source is from a original OEM multilanguage DVD that we're using in our organisation. Those DVD's we are receiving from MS, for further delivering to end-user
  4. hello, i got a multiboot usb drive, with a couple of Win 7, XP, PE's and more, created with the gorgeous tool WinSetupFromUSB, but after adding the Windows 8 ISO on the same drive, trying to boot Win 8 install, fails with the known error "a required cd/dvd driver is missing". What can be the problem? windows 7 boots from iso image without any problem
  5. does anyone have a working link to beta 9 version? i need it for making multiple 7/Vista from ISO. The beta 8 can't do that All of the links to code.google.com are broken , i searched everywhere , no luck. Thanks
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