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  1. Thank you very much for fixing this and allowing the use of the Start Menu without searching for files with the new changes (or the registry option). FYI: Win7 has 3 options: Don't search, Search with Public Folders, Search without Public Folders. Not sure which of those are used most often, but my guess is that people will miss it when even one of those three options is gone :-) (and as far as I understand it, with the changes in RC4 now the "search without public folders" option is now gone. Which is perfectly fine by me, but perhaps not to other people accustomed to Win7) Thanks again!
  2. I always thought the quote was "You can get more of what you want with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word." But perhaps the sugar quote works too. Regarding the Windows Indexing settings: Those are not a solution because even if they would result in the startmenu behaviour I want they would also disable searching in explorer. I want to be able to use indexing for my profile folder when searching in explorer. I just don't want to find all this crap in the startmenu when i want to START something. It's not called the FIND menu, or did I miss something here?
  3. I've really come to hate the new StartIsBack+ (RC3) with a vengeance. There is no way to disable searching the user profile folder. I just want it to search the shortcuts in the start menu. Now when I search for a program all kinds of crap turns up in the results. Disabling this was of course possible in both Win7 and in StartIsBack 2.x. The initial post here says "no features were lost" and I have to disagree :-(
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