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  1. I have some sugestions: Vistize Vize ReVize Longhornize
  2. For those still wondering what Control Panel\Desktop\UserPreferencesMask means, read this.
  3. Thanks, i used that package and also included the Windows Installer 3.0 Instalation and everything works perfect!
  4. It's administrative. Where can i download the standart? By the way, when i run an msi installer i get an error about a nonfunctioning Installshield service, though the silent instalations of msis went well...
  5. When I do the silent install with the following command start /wait %CDROM%\dotnetfx\netfx.msi /qb /norestart the installer ask me to insert the .NET Framework 1.1 CD. Anyone knows a way to correct this?
  6. [b]File For Ad Muncher 4.52[/b] [color="blue"]Shareware[/color] [i]Script v1.0[/i] [url="http://www.admuncher.com/"][link][/url]
  7. [b]File for Winace 2.5[/b] [color="blue"]Shareware[/color] [i]Script v1.0[/i] [url="http://www.winace.com/"][link][/url] My sucky first AutoIt script
  8. I managed to silently install EMC7, but it when i run it, "The certificate file is missing or has been currupted, please reinstall it." error appears. Though all the files and registry settings are identical to a normal instalation.

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