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    Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  2. I have been working in a concept for StartIsBack for Windows 8.1. Tihiy, what do you think about it? These are all the settings: Privacy Store and display recently opened programsNumber of recent programs to displayStore and display recently opened items in Jump ListsNumber of recent items to display in Jump ListsDelete history of recently opened programs and items at shutdownSettings Power button actionTurn offSwitch userLogoutBlockSuspendRebootWindows key actionOpen the Start menuOpen the Start screenAdvanced Settings Open submenus when stopping on them with your mouse pointerWriting in the list view:Write automatically in the Search boxSelect the item written on the viewAppsShow on All Programs menuDo not display this itemSystem Administrative ToolsShow on All Programs menuDo not display this itemShow pop-up description for Start menu itemsSort All Programs menu by nameSort All Programs menu by categoryEnable context menus and drag and dropHighlight newly installed programsUse small iconsCustomize Change start menu buttonHide the RibbonEnable transparencyThe properties window also has a new icon with the same style as the Taskbar properties one. I also want to add more settings to make it even more configurable. Excuse my s***ty English, corrections are welcome I hope you like it.
  3. Fantastic, thanks! Didn't know that was possible to resize that way, my bad. Now it looks like this: Is it possible to reduce also that space?
  4. Hi, I'm using StartIsBack 2.1.1 in Windows 8 Pro x64 and I have made a custom start button that looks exactly to the Windows 8.1 one. The problem is the space left over between the start button and pinned apps, which is 8 pixels more than in Windows 8.1. Here is the comparison: And this is the custom button: Notice that 4 of those 8 pixels left over are from the button template right side. However, I can't delete those 4 pixels because the PNG/BMP file should be 54x162 pixels and if I resize it the program will complain that it is not a valid image. Is there a way to reduce this space?
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