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  1. Thank you iTwins! I’m so happy to read that someone has figured this stuff out : ) Just to make sure that I get this right. Note:remember, there are no stupid questions – only stupid people I do my unattended just like I do now. I add Sysprep –bsmd command to my [GuiRunOnce] script, will this cause a reboot? I run the RSLIP54.EXE command also in [GuiRunOnce] script, will this cause a reboot? I then run the Sysprep -reseal -mini -pnp -quiet –noreboot, this will cause it to shutdown and after that I do my capture, right? I read some about RAID Slipstreamer, but where do I put my sata/scsi drivers? APIC issues? Ehh… what? (see note about me above above)
  2. I’ve been reading for a few hours now and I realized I can’t see the forest for the trees there are so many ways to do things, some complicated and some seems to be “easy”. Help me out picking a tool and a way to go. I want a simple way to add massstorage drivers to my XP SP3. What I have and what I do. I use VMware workstation to do an unattended installation of Windows, this works great and XP already have the drivers needed to run. I then sysprep the image, shutdown and capture it back to my fileserver as a wim file. I can then apply this image to my vmware workstation and some other hardware, but scsi/sata drivers are driving me insane. How I want it to work? Do an unattended installation of XP SP3 to my vmware workstation, during the unattended I use [GuiRunOnce] to run some scripts and finally sysprep it. Just before I sysprep it I want to run a script that install sata/scsi drivers to the XP SP3 installation so that I can use it on computers that have sata/scsi device. Sounds simple huh? Well it’s driving me insane…
  3. Trying to PXE boot a WinPE from WDS server. Attached is all the different errors I get and some printsceens along with tracelogs and configuration files. In the text below is how things are setup and what is what. It’s more or less just one server running everything that I’m trying to PXE boot agains. I’m getting strange errors and can’t get it to work. First off, this is a development environment. There are way too many roles on the server that I would recommend anyone to use. There are two more servers at another site, this site is connected using VPN trough an ISA Server connected to a PIX at the other end. At the end of that tunnel there is another DC and an Exchange server and some other stuff. The test client is connected to the same switch as the server so there shouldn’t be a network problem. I even tried installing VMware WS on the WDS server and still the same problem, so there shouldn’t be a hardware problem… Server: Windows Server R2 2003 SP2. I have all updates added from Windows Update. This is the server I installed WDS on. Before WDS there were also the following server roles: DC(All FSMO)/GC/DNS/WINS/DHCP/DFS(Fileserver)/IIS. Here is how I installed and configured WDS (All run as a Domain Admin). Add remove programs, add WDS, then reboot. After reboot configure server in Windows Deployment Services MMC. E:\RemoteInstall (different physical disk than the other stuff) Do not listen on port 67, Configure DHCP option to ’PXEClient’ are both checked. Respond to all client computers. Closed the MMC and created a WinPE using WAIK 1.0, this creates a ISO and WIM file for me. Back in WDS MMC I right click the Boot Images and “Add boot image”, I select my newly created winpe.wim file and next next Finish… then I get The selected image was successfully … Start a VMware workstation session or a physical PC and press F12 to PXE boot it. I get an IP from the DHCP server and the I get TFTP.. and a new dot is added once in a while, this goes on to like two minutes or sometimes really fast, then it gives up. Sometimes I get “bootimage corrupt” and sometimes other errors, it’s like a box of chocolates what error I get. Tested booting a PC using theWinPE ISO and it worked fine, so PE config seems to be fine. Tested booting a physical PC trough the PXE/WDS same problem. Copied a WDS image that we use for testing at work that I know works great here at work and added that one as a boot image, same problem. So either I’m stupid and can’t understand the help files and manuals, or there is a bug out there that I don’t know about. So? wds_pxe_problems.zip
  4. Performing an unattended installation of Windows Server 2003 (32-bit) an IBM x3650 -[7979K1Y]- I get an “other devices” that I cant identify or find drivers for. It represent itself as “Base System Device” and have “PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1A38&SUBSYS_02DD1014&REV_90\11523659&0&40” as Device Instance Id – but no luck finding what it is… anyone out there who has had this problem and found the correct driver for it?

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