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  1. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Bigmuscle, i am now testing version 0.9. In my first post on 29 April about V0.8, i mentioned that blur effect is missing when windows are over IE10, but i realize now that this happens only when using blur in native mode (non native mode in V0.8 gived me only transparency, no blur). Now V0.9 works very fine and i have blur without using Native mode. Artifacts are still here (but very minors), but i noticed they appears only when i am in dual screen, or on first screen (laptop)! When i am only on secondary screen there is no artifacts. Hope this helped you, regards.
  2. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Hi Big Muscle, I'am testing your Aero Glass Since this Week (And ORelio's AGT who already do a good job) I have tested one of the first version of DwmHook some months ago, but it gived me a Black Screen. Current Version Works Fine! I have noticed some minors bugs already mentionned by other members: Little tracks depending on colors intensity in the Taskbar, Windows border and in some browsers when closing a tab (I see this in Chrome: the closed tab let some tracks behind). Windows Borders are not Blured when they are over IE10 (See ScreenShot). I Use your software (V0.8 Beta2) on my Windows 8x64 with a self-made msstyle, together with UxStyle Core Beta, and Start8. If i Find something else i will post it here but what ever, You do a very good job, Keep it up!