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  1. Your Favorite Themes for Windows 8

    Is it possible to make drop shadows more 'square'? In W8 window style it looks strange with sqare windows edges and rounded shadows
  2. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Still have some glitches after moving window on the screen. Also it is necessary to disable taskbar transparency, otherway taskbar is fully transparent. BUT: when taskbar transparency is enabled there are no more glitches - they can be found only on the taskbar.
  3. Your Favorite Themes for Windows 8

    Something from me, same theme on desktop mode:
  4. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    I'll save BigMuscle the trouble of answering... Drop shadows come from the theme resource list. Windows is currently compositing fully transparent drop shadows for you. Nice of them, eh? You can add drop shadows yourself by having Aero Glass for Win8 load alternate desktop element resources from a PNG file, the path to which you specify by the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM : CustomThemeResource REG_SZ value. Click here to download the alternate theme resource PNG file I've modified. -Noel Thanks for this! But I'm asking for something else- if bigmuscle will sell his aplication (even He don't know it), 'drop shadows' option could be nice addition. If it will be freeware, I won't grumble. It's just an idea to make his work even better Another idea is adding some 'space' to taskbar and window bar, I mean now they are flat , but have blur and transparency. Adding some 'shine' on the edges of them have some sense (for me). Just like here: http://globalknowledgeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/windows_7_aero_peak2.png BTW: Now, finally I can run v.85version, with normal transparency and blur (Opacity 50, Blur 60, dx9.3)!
  5. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    For me v0.8 didn't work, even if I had changed debug files; as I see I have some wrong dll files -just full transparency and no blur, or no transparency. With AGTweaker and dx9.3 blur works, but first window has no transparency, also I can't change blur. In the v0.7 and D2D it works, but when I changed any settings in Windows, taskbar becomes fully transparent - windows were still blured and coloured. It may be caused by using stardock Start8 I think. Applying settings in AGTweaker makes it working until next turning on the PC (I know AGT isn't yours but otherway if I change any windows setting I have to restart the PC to make your program work as it should. If you want I can attach my crash list. By the way - do You plan adding shadows? Win7 Aero has it. Anyway great work!