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  1. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Re 2026 I thought forums like this were for support, and a question and reply on the forum could help others with similar issues, even in the future. I managed to get Pin to Start menu back with a tweak app, Ultimate Windows Tweaker (freeware). As said, the main menu of my start menu (left side) now has one item in it, while there were several before. The one item is Outlook 2013. I do have Office 2013 installed, and use Outlook 2013, but never had it in that start menu. It is in the Office 2013 folder in All Programs, and I also have Outlook in the Quick Launch Menu. No need for it on the main menu left side. But the other items I had there before are all gone. I could rebuild it from scratch, but it certainly would be much easier, and save precious time, if I could restore it. Do you still think it would solve the problem by deleting my activation file, reboot, and re-activate? By the way, Aloha, I have not uninstalled SIB. --------------------------------------- Edit: I mentioned above that Outlook is now in my main Start Menu left side, although I never put it there. I now realize that is not there as a set item, but as a "Recent Program". Now there are two apps there (as I have set to show two recent programs), but no set items. If indeed the problem was one of activation (although under Start Menu Properties, About it says "your license is activated", would the Recent Programs still be showing, as well as the full right side of that menu, and the full Programs Menu? Should I still try deleting the activation files and reactivating? Or does it sound like something else now? (Somehow all my set left side main menu items were lost in upgrading to Win 8.1 and SIB+, but are they stored somewhere, in a file or the registry?) (Again though, all else works. The recent programs on the left side works, I can add new items there (I was able to restoe "Pin to Start menu" to Explorer with a third party tweak app), the right side is normal, and the Programs menu is as I set it before.,) Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Although it says its activated, you mean it somehow is not? The main Start Menu isn'[ completely blank. One or two items are on it, but not those that I placed on it before 8.1. (Once again, the Programs menu is the same as before, with everything I had added., But the main start menu has lost all that I had pinned to it. So usually, when someone using SIB 2.1 with Win8 upgrades to Win 8.1, and installs SIB+ the menu setup that one had created in SIB2.1 with win8 appears in SIB+ under Win 8.1, with no items lost? So are you saying that without uninstalling, I should delete the file you mention. Then when one starts Properties of SIB, one will see a request to activate, then type in my activation code (which I will have to look for)? After doing that should I get back the menu setup I had created before?
  3. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Tihly, Regarding your post #2020. As I mentioned in my post #2018, I have purchased StartIsBack. So it is not a trial. I was using SIB 2.1 on Win8 Pro x64. SIB was all paid for and activated. I updated yesterday to Win8.1 Pro x64. SIB no longer worked. So I went to your site, and downloaded and installed the new version for Win 8.1 SIB+ 1.01. It works, and is listed as activated. It is not a trial. Rather than repeat myself about what my problem is though, please reread my post 2018 and reply to it. It is not an issue of a trial expiring. I have purchased SIB, and it is activated. Thank you.
  4. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    I am a registered user of Startisback. Formerlly with Win 8 Pro x64.. I updated today to Win 8.1 Pro x64. At first no more start menu. I downloaded and installed the newest startisback for 8.1, 1.01. Now I have a Start menu back, but I lost everything I had in it before. Yes, the secondary start menu works when one clicks Programs (that menu is still how I set it), but the primary one has lost all that I had put in it before. (The one that one first sees on clicking the Start Button,) Where are those settings for the first start menu one sees, with the items I added to it? Can I get them back? Or do I have to rebuild it from scratch? (One would think though, that SIB would have saved that data some place, from the Win8 version. I should not have to take the time to rebuild it from scratch.) If I have to rebuild it, another problem. In Explorer, in looking at files and folders, I no longer see the option “Pin to Start Menu”, even if I hold down Shift. (“Pin to Start” is there, but that is for pinning to the Metro Start Screen, not what I want.) How do I get back “Pin to Start Menu”? And again—is my former Start menu (with the items I added to it) still available somewhere, for me to recover? Didn't SIB save that configuration somehow? Thank you. PS I am actually amazed that one still needs SIB or another 3rd party app in order to have a start menu in Win 8.1 There were so many complaints about that with Win8, and so many use these 3rd party programs to get it back. So they added back a start button and one can boot to desktop in 8.1 (without a 3rd party app), but still no Start Menu! Incredibly stupid of Microsoft. But I guess good for you (SIB developer), as people still need your app.
  5. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Using SIB 2.1 RCO (still trial version) , on Windows 8 Pro. A couple of recent minor problems and questions-- 1. Isn't the menu supposed to show recent documents, as the Win7 start menu does? In fact I have it configured to do so, but no recent documents entry appears. 2. Recent programs do appear, at the bottom of the left side of the menu. However, they are not up to date. That list might include apps I have not used in several days, whereas apps that I used today and yesterday do not appear there. How could I get the recent apps section to accurately display the most recently used programs? 3. I don't see a "Run" command, as appears inb the Win7 and XP start menus. How can I get that? Thank you.
  6. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Thanks. I will try that. I actually did not do it that way in Win7 though. In Win7, I can right-click on any kind of file, and there is a choice in the context menu "Pin to Start Menu", and if I choose it, there is a shortcut for the item on the first main page of the start menu, on the left. I don't recall if Win7 did that out of the box though, or whether I applied some tweak to enable that. If I did a tweak, I do not remember it, or I would try the same on Win8, and see if it works. Anyone know how to enable that? Thanks. Via drag-and-drop'ing folder to Start button, like in Windows 8.As for 'Windows Blue' - nothing to say right now, working hard for the future. Let's sort out the XP folder sorting feature - should it be items before folders in main tree or folders before items? I guess it should be folders before items; items before folders were on XP were like 'pin area' which is redundant in 7 menu.
  7. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Thanks Aloha, I found out you were correct. I right-clicked a program shortcut that I wanted to pin to the Start Menu, looked farther down the context menu, found "Pin to Start Menu", and this time it worked, the item appeared on the original start menu, left side. However, still one problem. If I right-click a folder, or even a shortcut to a folder, that "Pin to Start Menu" context menu item does not appear. It only seems to appear when one right-clicks a program, or a shortcut to a program. ("Pin to Start" appears when one right-clicks on anything, but not "Pin to Start Menu".) I would like to be able to pin a couple folders there too, and was able to do that in Windows 7. How can I do that in Windows 8 with SIB? Thank you.
  8. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Thanks for the link to 2.1. I very thoroughly uninstalled SIB 2.0. (Using Total Uninstall, first the supplied uninstaller, I had monitored the installation. Then I installed 2.1 I do see one fixed item on the SIB menu now, at the top, above the recent items, a link to the Metro Start Screen. However, when I right-click on another program or shortcut and choose "Pin to Start Menu", I still go to the SIB menu, and the pinned item is not there. I even tried (SIB options) disabling the showing of recent items there, so then all I saw was that Start Screen. Tried pinning other items to the start menu again, and once more they did not show up in the SIB start menu. Just checked the Metro Start Screen, and the items I pinned were pinned to the Metro Start Screen (although not to the SIB menu). The computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad X230, running a clean fresh install (just a few days old) of Windows 8 Pro, all the recent updates. I also noticed that the items I pinned to the Start Menu do appear in the second part of the SIB menu, the menu one sees after clicking "All Programs". I see also (in File Explorer) that shortcuts for the pinned items were added to the folder c:\users\"me"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs. (The same place where the shortcuts for the "All Programs" menu is located. But they do not appear in the first main SIB Start Menu screen, where I see on the left only a link to the Metro Start Screen, and recent documents and apps. (In what folder are links pinned to the main screen kept?) What might be going on? Any settings or registry changes to try? In case it makes any difference, I have the Quick Launch toolbar enabled in the taskbar. (shouldn't make a difference, but just in case.....) Thank you. Don't know why he didn't put it on the first post. I got version 2.1 from here: I have no trouble pinning shortcuts and .exe files to Start Menu, and they always work fine. Maybe you should uninstall the old version before installing the new one.
  9. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    OK, maybe I'll do the screenshots tomorrow. (It is not on this same computer..) Not sure why it should be private though, as others might have the same problem, and look for a solution in the forum. What I see is pretty simple. When I press the Start button, the SIB menu comes out, showing recently used apps, etc. To see all my programs I click on "All Programs".. However, when I right-click on a file in Windows Explorer, and choose "Pin to Start Menu" , they do not appear on the (SIB) start menu. I am not sure what aspect of that you would like a screen shot of, and how it might help? Thank you. I think you should e-mail me and we discuss this problem privately; please provide screenshots.
  10. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Doesn't work for me. As said, I see Pin to Start Menu in the Win Explorer context menu, but that doesn't add the item to the SIB menu. All I see in the first SIB menu (before clicking "All Programs") are the recently used apps, nothing fixed. Is there a setting I could change to fix this? As said, I have version 2.0, which was the most recent one when I downloaded a couple days ago. But I see people referring to 2.1. Is there a 2.1 available now.. Does this feature work better in 2.1? Also, having just installed it yesterday, I am on the trial, not yet paid. Does that feature only work when the app is paid and acitivated? Thanks in advance. When you select Pin to Start Menu it should pin it to the top of the left hand side of the start menu, exactly like Win7. Right above the most used apps. There have been reports of that not working and if I remember correctly they always fixed it with a reinstall of SiB.
  11. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    I just installed startisback 2.0 today, and it is cool. One thing I am missing though, from the Win7 Start Menu. In Win7, one could right-click on a program or shortcut (or folder, or anything really), and choose "Pin to Start Menu". Once one did that, one would see it in the first start menu that comes up on pressing the Start button, before clicking "All Programs". Of course one would not want to put most programs there and get that first menu cluttered, but it is a convenient place to put a few programs or folders that one wants to access very easily, with one less mouse click than is involved in clicking "All Programs". In Win8 (with startisback installed), one still sees the context menu choice "Pin to Start Menu". However, clicking on it does not put it on the first menu of startisback. (I assume it pins it to the Metro start screen, which I don't care about.) Could you add a context menu item throughout Windows Explorer, perhaps entitled "Pin to Startisback Menu", that could pin items to that first menu one sees on pressing the Start button. (Or better yet, rather than adding another context menu choice, change the behavior of the current "Pin to Start Menu", so that it pins to the startisback menu rather than the Metro screen?) (As an option, of course.) Is that possible? Or is there some way to set that now? Thanks for the app.