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  1. Do you have the card, if so have you tried it with the above files? It worked fine for me on ME, used Opera quite a bit through the wifi. There's an entry for NdisQueryBufferSafe in the .sys file, looked for it with a hex editor. cheers, Pete.
  2. 3Com 3CRPAG175B This is a Wifi PC/Cardbus card with the XJack pop out antenna, which is quite nice for older laptops without built in WiFi: This card sometimes turns up quite cheaply on Ebay, especially if poorly described , but please don't pay $$$$ for it on the expectation that it will definitely work. If anyone else has it working or not after following these directions it may be helpful to follow up on this post. Had a struggle getting it working on ME as the drivers seemed to have a .sys file for Win9x missing, in the end I guessed that the XP one was designed to work on 9x too but the .inf file hadn't been updated to reflect this. So I got it working by creating a duplicate .sys file with the name referred to in the .inf file. I then found it wouldn't work with all versions of the 3Com wireless utility, but found one that's suitable. Tested on WinME but I expect it should work on Win98SE too. The following files all need a Google account to download them, if anyone would like to mirror them please feel free. The first file is just the drivers, the second the Wireless Utility to go with them, the third file is a compilation of all the different Win9X and XP files I found for this card by trawling the web, in case it helps anyone. 3com_3crpag175b_drv1.1.0.21 Drivers only, renamed for Win9xME.zip 502KB: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B70D9EkoDo2xNzBCbnlPeXJjZXc/edit?usp=sharing http://tinyurl.com/cyj82n6/preview OfficeConnect_Wireless_11G_Xja_v. 2.80MB: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B70D9EkoDo2xYVRBQXZIbmFSYmc/edit?usp=sharing http://tinyurl.com/asls4zq/preview 3Com 3CR175 3CR175b drivers and utilities pack.zip 42.4MB https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B70D9EkoDo2xbERncHVjcWtnUTA/edit?usp=sharing http://tinyurl.com/agf5aye/preview There's also a 3CRPAG175 version (no 'B') which I haven't tried but the above zip file containing some drivers which appear to include Win9x, so it might be worth a go. If someone does try it please post how it goes. cheers, Pete.
  3. Hi to all on MSFN! Looks to be a very friendly and helpful forum, just joined up to share some tips on Win9x/ME, though XP is my daily drive so will be checking that out too! cheers, Pete.
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