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  1. Driver extractor - Windows 9X

    I think Homer Simpson said it best "D'oh"!!! I will also try them links and update you Thanks again Submix8c Si
  2. Driver extractor - Windows 9X

    Thanks HTH, I will try it when I get home and update here. Si
  3. Hi everybody, Long time reader, first time poster! I have had a search of the forums to the answer to this but havent been that succesful, but I am sorry if this has already been answered! I have just received a working Win 98 laptop from a co-worker which I intend to use for some old games but also for very minor online access via a usb lan dongle. Although I "trust" my co-worker, I wouldnt be 100% happy until I have done a clean install on the laptop with a Windows 98 oem cd I have, so my first thought was to google the model and obtain the drivers for it before wiping it clean, the only problem is I cant find the drivers anywhere! The laptop its self is a strange on there is no markings on it at all that refer to a company name, the only identifying marks are - Voyager 2800, and model 6033 on the bottom by the power information. a search online looks like it *could* have been made by a company called "Eversham" but this also hasnt helped in my search. So instead I remember stumbling across a tool a few years ago for windows xp which extracted the drivers from a working system setup and stored them in a folder or floppy disk in order for them to be manually reinstalled once the system had been wiped. Does any one know if there is something simular that will work on Windows 9x? Thanks for the help guys Si
  4. What makes Office 2003 better than 97?

    Strangle I have just managed to install Office 97 on Windows 8 (im surprised to say the least!) although it asked me if I wanted to enable 16-bit program execution.
  5. Thank you very much! Just what I was looking for.