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  1. try some themes from Greg (gsw953onDA / Deviantart) his UIFILES from shellstyle.dll's are a good starting point
  2. I'm not trolling... sure it would be awesome if there was info about version and even changelog but since there's only one link to choose from then I don't really mind... that's all
  3. it could... probably - but since there's always been only one version available for download (always the latest one) and it's FREE then you can't (at least you shouldn't) really complain..
  4. these are just -90° shifted (on the HUE scale) from the original blue ones... or do you need a different kind of green? DISABLED96.bmp ENABLED96.bmp HOT96.bmp PRESSED96.bmp
  5. I don't see any problem with your partition layout - EFI system parittion & Recovery partition should remain hidden... to get rid of the legacy boot menu and restore Win8 gui boot menu simply use command "bcdboot c:\Windows" if you need to recover & repair older or corrupted boot entries, Visual BCD Edior is good tool to achieve this goal )
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