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  1. hi everybody sorry for the annoying question, but i do not understand why I have a blank gap at the bottom of the folder list, like this is there any chance to have an aspect similar to the rocky's post above? I have tried to reinstall startisback... what can I do? I have 7 recent programs pinned thank you very much
  2. But, maybe there is room for another folder or icon (it seems to me exactly a line)... I do not remember a similar behaviour in Startisback
  3. Tihiy thanks a lot for your work. I found a glitch though, here it is a pic there is a blank space between the last folder and the back button. How can I fix this? Thank you very much
  4. right click on the orb and pick Properties, now in the first pane, tick the entry "Run command..." or something like that
  5. pheraps I fount an issue. I've selected "Return to last used Environment" as a modern app is closed, but I noticed that recetly it returns to Desktop in any case, even though I open the modern app from the Start screen. Is it normal? I think it has started since i installed 2.0.1. Thanks a lot
  6. Do you mean these? http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=start+button+orb+angry
  7. Tihiy, thank you very much for the quick answer! I think startisback is mostly perfect, that one is not even a glitch. Keep on!
  8. Hi! I noticed an issue. When some programs are pinned on the start menu, it's possible to show recent files, or main actions (like ccleaner) If you click on the arrow in the figure, it shows the side panel as it's expected to do. But the animation is not as fluid as in windows 7: a white shadow appears and then it is covered by the panel. I think the attached image explains a lot better what I'm trying to say. Is it possible to make the animation more win7-like? thanks a lot!
  9. Hi Tihiy, I've a request for the next release! Is it possible to add a switch to disable the contextual menu option "Add to Start menu"? Thank you a lot!
  10. Thanks a lot for your work, Tihiy! I just purchased a 2 PC license You're the best!
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