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  1. Ah, I see. That being the case, is it possible to disable Aero Glass for Modern applications altogether?
  2. I have been encountering a couple of peculiar little issues with this build. The first pertains to the "Photos" application. Resizing the window causes the title bar to appear and disappear. The second issue has to do with contextual menus and the start menu. When right-clicking taskbar items such as the ones below, portions of the context menu are sometimes left behind when the menu is dismissed. The remaining portions are not interactive and disappear once the area is clicked. The start menu sometimes exhibits the same phenomenon (primarily when pressing return for a search result) but it occurs so infrequently that I have not been able to capture it.
  3. The borders, shadows and most other elements are defined using TARGA or PNG images, which can be edited in Photoshop or your application of choice. They work in a similar manner to Aero Glass 8's atlas files. Unlike Aero Glass 8, Windowblinds is not capable of exporting the default theme as a collection of resources. This means that I have had to find resources elsewhere.
  4. I purchased Windowblinds yesterday and while the selection of themes available for it could only be described as lacking, the Aero Glass implementation works very well. That being the case, I am now putting together a vanilla Windows 10 theme for it, with what I would consider to be aesthetically pleasing glass. This is far from an ideal solution but I am confident that I can make it work for me; at the very least until BigMuscle releases a new revision. Please excuse the half-finished caption buttons.
  5. Chelly, DECO*27, MARiA and Koeda all frequently tweet each other?! It's a vocalist conspiracy! O.O

  6. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Is it possible to reduce and/or remove the color tint from the frames in a similar fashion to Windows 7's "Color Intensity" control? The tint always looked a little "muddy" to me in 7.
  7. Can't wait for supercell and Fujifabric's new singles! :D