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  1. for me it's not stupid. is ok. why temporary allowing bottom-left screen corner when Shift / Ctrl is held down?forever if you can add some themes windows 7 style but to be clear,not shadowless. I put some pictures taken after the internet that I liked the visual style.
  2. Hello world! startisback are pleased so far. but i do not like the start button for i would like to simultaneously transition to the start menu or home screen. I mean corners functional configuration.when all around are activated start menu does not work only home screen. I would like to do so for such work and the start menu and home screen simultaneously when all corners are active. was startisback+ version 1.05 so i want to be. And thanks for the translation into Romanian.
  3. I do not agree with nr 3 = 3 - Why not completly disabled top and bottom left corners, they will be useless finally !
  4. Good idea!I saw pictures,something very similar to retro ui.Now i hope to take into account Tihiy
  5. Tihiy you can do Display StartScreen shortcut to be animated and its color will change automatically when you customize the home screen display? and solve the problem with the start button. Tnx
  6. Multimon feedback welcomed. Seems to be working well for me. Windows just made me update to 8.1 and the second start menu was one of my main gripes with SIB+ before. I feel like regular SIB had an option to hide modern apps from search results. Was this a thing? Am I crazy? Is this capability in SIB+ somewhere that I'm just not noticing? Additionally, it was a bit tough to actually find the button for the monitor options, and it's a pretty major feature in my opinion, I use additional monitors whenever I'm able. I think there's enough under that banner to warrant an additional tab, instead of it just being a link hidden in another set of options. I agree with you
  7. I hope to fix this. Maybe bottom-left corner is on? no.i looked in settings to exchange...... but nothing. I hope to solve in the next beta
  8. start button not working in startisback+ beta2.does not display anything,menu...etc. so far only the problem had,and the rest is good
  9. Bug startisback+ beta!When i log on the pc i had to show me the home screen option.but the home screen is displayed only 3 seconds and then the desktop appears. Reverse.................................... Did anyone else have the same problem?
  10. New changes are great! Tihiy i have a requirement:if you change the color "Display Start screen shortcut" to have custom color.
  11. yeah trying to leave the scroll bar down and then close the menu..and then open it again
  12. Greeting!Sorry I have not got many days here. startisback latest version is pretty stable... but?I give you all the programs open bar that goes down has some errors that I have written here. 1.the first pic is normal right 2.and in the second picture down if I leave the menu bar and then start:bar appears down and not up as it should
  13. I have the same problem.Yesterday I installed the PC startisback mother. today ......... the 30 days have expired.
  14. I like the new version! so far it's stable and fast loading ... Tihiy I sent an email yesterday yeah I see you did not answer
  15. Why there's no update for startisback? I see nothing new. or is it because Microsoft would be able to reintroduce the start button?because they have high demand from customers
  16. startisback next version will be fully compatible with Windows 8.1? and the license will be like now or will change?
  17. It seems you need to increase margins for the programs pane style if you're making a custom skin. (I'm not sure if it is possible in WSB) Also you're not showing any StartIsBack screenshots. I can tell you that this is major bug startisback.tests and you'll see I'm right.I would look and video if I could but can not now. I'm surprised that no one noticed until now and have not noticed any bugs you this.
  18. .greeting!perhaps be my last post that do not want to upset anyone ................ I have something to add to startisback,a small bug.about Windows 7/8 Scroll Bar in Start Menu= the program startisback, line(scroll bar) instead to stand up when closing line start menu stays where was the last time.Windows 7 does not this happen.stand up when closing line start menu. or if you have noticed the new interface in Windows 8 line (scroll bar) is at first ll put some pictures to give you an idea of ​​what I mean
  19. yes it will be great changes in this service pack Windows 8 blue. related startisback I was not going to be fully compatible with this service pack. May need to be some changes from what I saw that I tested. this is my last post because I offended somebody. yeah I think I upset anyone, I just gave some information on w8. that person's GunSmokingMan. goodbye and I apologize if I offended anyone
  20. No. blue is a Windows service pack for Windows 8 will be released this summer.but it is not known yet how this service pack will be called. likely that Windows 8 sp1 or something blue service pack Windows 8
  21. Yes. I tried start8 version 1.14.. hardly compares with SIB I tried on my laptop startisback 2.1 RC0 W8 blue (sp) but not fully compatible. I will try and see if my home PC is just like a laptop

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